Homeworld 2 Demo


It’s about time.

Why is it about time X? HW2 is still in development and the recent trend with demo hasn’t exactly been to release them months in advance, in fact most companies have been releasing their demos weeks if not months after the game hits the shelves, that is if they release one at all.

I think its a nice little surprise and I look forward to trying it out when I get home.

What X2K said. About damn time. I want all my demos yesterday.

EDIT: My God! It’s orange!

Me and DS tried the multiplayer yesterday…sweeeeeeeeeeetness. :victoly:

What’re the minimum system requirements?

Intel Pentium III 833MHz or AMD Athlon 833MHz
256 MB RAM
32 MB OpenGL supported hardware, GeForce or better (with Transform and Lighting), ATI Radeon 7500 or better (with Transform and Lighting).
Requires DirectX 9.0 and a compatible driver.
250 MB Hard Drive space, plus space for DirectX 9.0 Drivers, saved games, and Windows SWAP file.
16X or Faster CD-ROM/DVD drive
Windows compatible sound card
Windows compatible keyboard and mouse.
Required for Multiplayer:
Broadband (DSL, Cable Modem, or faster) for multiplayer online (internet) game.
TCP/IP Compliant Network required for Network Play.

The game is a blast, far more challenging than the original since all the units are pathetically weak.

Damn my computer!

DS: I mean it’s about time the actual file came out, instead of a lot of people saying it was out but they jumped the gun.

I need new drivers. When they’re hyperspacin’ all my ships go wierdly transparent. Stupid graphics card.:too bad;

I still played it though. Teh Rox0r.

I, also, need DirectX9. >_<

Well that’s free isn’t it? You can just download that.

not exactly… older video cards have a hard time performing under directx 9.0 :\

Oh. Well, that sucks. How old of video cards have issues with DX9.0?

I’m guessing if you at least have a geforce2 you should be fine

I happen to have a GEForc2 MX. YAY.