Homework: System Analsys

Alright, I need a bit of a hand here. I’m picking up the subjects I’d skipped when doing my Cert IV, and one of them is System Analysis.

I’ve got to do a System Analysis on a system, write a report on it, and improve upon it. Originally, I was given a fake client’s system when I had to do this class originally, but that was well over a year ago and I can no longer use that system.

So, I’m at a loss at the moment on what system I can ‘create’ to analyse and do a report on. Any suggestions, peoples?


I am currently taking a Systems Analysis (notice the correct spelling please) class too. I think I’d be able to help you further if you would be more specific about the assignment’s requirements. A “system” could be anything, so you need to narrow it down. Do you mean a payroll or ordering system? Second, what kind of report, a system requirements document? Lastly, when looking for improvements you would generally interview the users of the systems and ask them how the system could be improved.

Sorry, I got distracted by the Anal. English has never been my thing.

There is no restriction on the type of system to do this on. As for the offical name for the report, no idea. I just have a rough idea on what’s required: Show how current system works, offer several possible improvements, ask client which of the improvements they’d prefer (So basically, since I’ll be doing a fake client, a pointless step), Project crap (Gant Chart, work breakdown, risk analysis), Finished Product. Might be some other crap in there, but I cannot recall it right now.

When I took this course I was given a video store that had eleven chains in a city. They needed a system that could coordinate sales, track inventory, add new customers and track existing ones, track rentals and print out advertisements based on customer renting records.

I’m currently doing systems analysis, we’re doing it on a caravan site using databases. Basically, we have seperate entities in the database, and use keys to link them all up, as opposed to the flat-file database we’re supposed to be improving.
I’ve got tables on caravans (the number, name and type), customers, orders, and caravan types (how many beds, facilities, etc). Then when I’ve done, I make it all look pretty using forms and stuff.
We also did one on a dog club, for practice, using the tables as Owners, Pets, and Dog breeds. Linking owners and pets through keys.

You could try something like that, I guess.

Ah, many ideas. Thanks for the help peoples. :slight_smile:

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