Your thoughts on homeschooling?

How are you supposed to develop social skills?

I was homeschooled for a while, do to being expelled from the local school system. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t long, only about three years halfway through - but it was still better for me.

I left public schools after finishing the 5th grade and was homeschooled for 3 years. After that I started college and after all of this time I still don’t regret it.

How is one to meet girls?

I was homeschooled for most of my aducation. It worked out pretty well for me, considering. I am S-M-R-T smart!

Homeschooling is fine, provided that they aren’t a shut-in. There are plenty of other ways to get socialized (community sports, clubs, et cetera), but they need the opportunity from the parents for their children to get socialized. The parents should also:

A. Know what they are talking about on a LOT of subjects, or at least learn the information that they need from reliable sources.

B. Provide their student with above mandated state requirements. This is not usually the problem with homeschooled kids, I’ve found. Usually if anything they cram too much of the SAME thing into their head. Fortunately, it isn’t a TERRIBLE thing to specialize, but it is not ideal. You shouldn’t just let your kids read “whatever” for English, either. Harry Potter is great in middle school, but you really need to start getting them into Flannery O’Conner, Keats, George Orwell, and even someone like Margaret Atwood would be great for them (I know I’m mixing eras and types of literature a LOT, but that’s partly the point). You need to teach them philosophy when they are old enough so that they can understand different viewpoints. I think that there is no excuse for a lot of supposedly “college level” texts to be high school level. Of course, I supposedly have a high reading level, but for God’s sake, reading “The Giver” in high school is really, really condescending to one’s age.

Eh, social skills are determined more by genetics, afterall, I went to public school since the age of 5 and have stunted social skills. And I’m sure most homeschooled kids do alright.

The real danger is that the parents aren’t up to snuff in actually educating the kids. They have to go to college eventually; and one of my professors once said that in his experience, most homeschooled kids are incredibly close-minded in their intellectual opinions.

Social skills are a genetic and an environmental thing, as many other things. In some people, one matters more than the other, like Curtis.

As if girls participate in “clubs” and sport.

Depends on the child. This is the ‘includion’ debate all over again. Some children will thrive in a more open environment like a school, whereas others will find a more one-on-one tuition to be more beneficial.

Ultimately though, people, children or adults, will need to learn how to adapt in a social environment, and as such, will need some sort of interaction beyond their parents. Not one that can be called easily, this.

All of you seem to be assuming that in every homeschool situation the parents are highly involved in the teaching. For me, I’ve been homeschooled since grade 5, and I believe only grades 5 and 6 of that were my parents involved in any of it, and even then It was mostly just marking the stuff. I’m not sure about other places, but Alberta’s homeschool curriculum is some good correspondence or virtual stuff, basically teaching the same standard of education. As it is, for social skills and such, involvement in some group activity of sport (you have to meet the phys ed requirement anyway right?) can help a lot with that, but I don’t believe that to be a huge problem anyway. Church youth groups can also be good for this if you’re so inclined, and eventually getting a job and so forth.

I don’t have any science to back this up, but most of the stuff you learn in high school isn’t exactly rocket science. You can get it from one unqualified teacher teaching 30 kids, or one unqualified teacher you have to live with…in the end you learn the same stuff, if you get to anything advanced, you’ll most likely be forced to take it over again in core classes at your uni.

So if you’re getting the same education, might as well have some fun while you’re at it. I can’t imagine you ever having a social life through homeschooling. Sure you might have “fun” meeting with the one or two kids you know outside of your house, but i just can’t imagine you ever having the same fun times you’d have going to public high school with 1000+ other kids.

I know that most people on these boards probably had a crappy time in public high school, but i personally loved it :\

Church youth groups can also be good for this if you’re so inclined, and eventually getting a job and so forth.

What’s the point of meeting girls at church?

Well, that would be your personal preference and can vary with where you live and what high school. These past couple years i’ve taken one or two classes through high school and honestly, I can pretty much say I felt that each person I met was completely uninteresting to me, lacking in intelligence, immature and had obsessions over cell phones. And jackets. Also it’s rather unfair to asume a one or two friend thing. Surely there’s a high population of school going kids that probably have only their main friends anyway. Even with a high school of 1000+ kids, are you really gonna be close with all of them in a positive way? Some people are socialble that way i suppose, but it’s not exactly fair to toss homeschoolers automatically in the “only one or two friends in the world” pile.

In any event I’ll take sleeping in over pushing through a cramped hall filled with nameless folks i have no interest in.

What do you mean? Church girls are just like every other girl, except better. Sure, you may not get sex before marriage, but if you go to church, you probably don’t want it before then anyway.

Now, I’m not trying to blast you, but you most likely wouldn’t feel this negative towards other people if you hadn’t been homeschooled most of your life. Of course, I’m assuming this is the case. Sure, kids are asses in general, but almost every person is interesting if you attempt to get to know them.

Homeschooling does sound like the life, though.:mwahaha:

What do you mean? Church girls are just like every other girl, except better. Sure, you may not get sex before marriage, but if you go to church, you probably don’t want it before then anyway.

What makes them better?

Except that church girls have equal rates of STD infection as non church girls. Both your statements about church girls and guys are wrong and misinformed.

The true answer is, of course, the secret thrill of leading others into what they think is sin. The lowercased kind.

I learned more when there weren’t so many other people involved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I’m not incredibly outgoing and have a network of thousands of friends, but it’s my personal thing that a few close ones are better than many distant ones.