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Knowing my luck, I’m forgetting something really simple and I’ll feel a little dumb when someone tells me… :smiley:

I’ve been trying to set up a network between my new computer and my old one so that I can transfer files directly from the old one to the new one, but for some reason the computers can’t see each other. I’m not interested in having internet access while the two are connected; I simply need to move files. I’ve connected the two using a crossover cable, and I’ve run the network setup wizard on the old computer after creating a setup disk from the new computer. My new computer runs XP Media Center, and my old one runs 98 first edition.

Could please someone help me think of possible problems and fixes for this issue? If more information is needed, let me know. I’d appreciate any constructive remarks (and random ones, too, yeah, I know how you people are).

Make sure both network adapters are almost on the same ip (like and - just change the last number by 1 digit). You do this by right clicking on the network cards, going into properties and then going into the tcp/ip tag in the little scroll box to the left.

Make sure both computers are on the same network in the “Properties” tag in My computer where it says your computer’s name. The name of the network will be in all caps and its default is either HOME or MS HOME or something like that.

When these things are set up, restart the computers. Turn off firewalls on both computers. Then open windos explorer, go to my networks , go down the boxes like virtual network, , look for your network name like HOME , click on that, then you should see your computer (at least) and hopefully the other computer too.

You may only be able to transfer files into a shared documents folder of the other computer; you will only have a few folders available to you to transfer files into. If you want computer A to be able to get files from anywhere on computer B’s “c:/” hard drive, you need to edit the sharing properties of that hard drive to allow sharing over a network. For that you right click on it, go into sharing and click the proper box for sharing across a network.

You will first have to make certain that the computers are on the same network, i.e. they have the same network mask and almost the same ip-address. It should look something like this: for the ip and for the subnet mask, or with the numbers suggested by Sinistral:

You will have to configure a share on the computer you want to copy files from.

FYI, it was the IP/subnet issue I forgot to address. A few days later (meaning this afternoon until about five minutes ago), I finally had time to take care of it. I appreciate your help!