Holy shit

Look. Just…look. Nothing I could say could do this justice.

That’s pretty cool. I’ve seen similar videos before as well.

Wow, that’s pretty damn good, there…

Man that’s so fucking cool

That was cool.

Ever seen <a href = “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzqumbhfxRo”>Amateur</a>?

If you didn’t click the (more info) button, some guy interviewed him too.

The Amateur piano segment was also nice.

That was modestly awesome.

Seeing that video made my day in a plain happy way. :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s the video I was thinking of. I like Amateur more, in how it’s so minimalist and experimental.

The Amateur thing was interesting… but I can’t stop watching the Wind Waker video over and over.

That’s really impressive that he can play so many instruments, sing, improvise instuments (water glass, pan+spoon), and keep in time with all of them.

I can definately think of some folks that will appreciate this – I’ll be showing it when I see them later.

He had a metronome and said he was playing the real WW song in the background in order to keep time properly