holy shit


Oh yeah, I saw that on TV. I thought it was pretty sha-weet. How long until we get one, do you think? :smiley:

Heh, cool.

You’ll never catch me in one of those, but still!

Looks like fun! :open_mouth:

Swosh! I want one!

Cool, but I’ll pass. Unless we reach Jetsons ease of use.

Even from someone who has a morbid fear of flying, that looks amazingly cool.

Me wants.

~Rocket maaaaaaaaaaaaaan,
burning out his fuse up here alone~

Everyone must have one. Everyone.
Oh, and:

~Earth belooow us
Drifting faaalling
Floooating weeightless
Calling calling hooome~

That was sheer, undiluted awesome.

Dan…Na…Wing Man…Dananan NA NA!!!

safety not guaranteed

Gotta be quite the rush.

I could totally fight crime with that.

Now if I could just find me some Super Villains I’d be in business (provided of course that they can only be defeated by someone with a rocket powered flight wing or a superpower of equal coolness).