Holy shit!


100 gigatons. 800 miles long, as wide as 50 meters.

Maybe they don’t know this, but 10 minutes is 600 seconds, so between 500 and 600 seconds would be under 10 minutes, not “at least” 10 minutes.

But yeah, damn. I guess that explains some of the carnage.

Well hell, the earth wobbled on its axis…of course it was bigger than your regular quake.

Man. Talk about a fat mom joke. “Yo momma so fat that when she jumps up and down, the Earth wobbles on its axis.”

Mommy, nature scares me! Make it stop!

Shortly after the Tsumani occured, a news article reported that the earthquake was so large that it “caused the earth’s spin to slow down, shortening our day by .024 seconds.”

Figure that one out.

It’s either wrong or a lie. If it slowed down, our day would be longer.

RPGC: Too Smart for CNN

thats cool, as long as u werent stuck in it, then it would suck.