Holy shit!



edit; here’s another (bunch)




Holy mother of God o_O

Mister Saturn +1

Sat’s posted these before. Old.

Holy cow, those guys make Saturn look like a casual gamer O.O

Sweet God, how long did that take him!? O.o


… Wait a minute! This thread isn’t by Sinistral!

Ohhhh baby… drool :O~

Where do people get the money for this stuff?

<div align=“center”><img src=“http://www.mmgc.com/olive_garden.jpg”></div>

Theres awesome, theres awesome, then theres that. And that is frigging sweet.


They’re nerds who live with their parents, so they don’t have to pay rent.

Tis the coolest thing in existance to me.Thus, in the time honored tradition of sayin the word cool with 3 'o’s, which a person is only allowed to do once in his lifetime.That was so coool!

Oh my God.

That’s an understatement.

Holy shit. But we all know my current collection of 200+ games will sometime surpass them all.


Wow, I’m surprised that you guys haven’t seen Joe Santulli’s collection (the second link) with how often I mention it. And the collections on that site are what convince me to keep going; they’re what convince me that I simply don’t have enough yet, that I’m not quite yet crazy.