This is the most amazing flash-based game I’ve ever seen. Someone out there has talent.

FLASH. :hyperven:

I don’t get it man :frowning:

Woah, this is good. In the options it says “Multiplayer Server”, are there any out there/can we set one up? This is fun :0

Oh, yes, this. Impressive, to say the least.

Imagine how much productivity it’ll kill when workers find they can play it and just alt-tab back and forth.

Oh man, this is so sweeeeeet. Thanks Pierson.

Fuck thats awesome.

Have you ever seen anything else like this made in flash ever? While everyone else is still making animated cartoons this guy has created a totally sweet-looking 3d shooter.

Isnt this made in shockwave?

For some reason it was going so slow that it’s unplayable for me.
And this isn’t Flash, it’s shockwave, and Shockwave.com has had 3D FPS games for YEARS.

Shockwave is flash that can be used to create 3D textures and have multiuser chat. Its just the higher end flash, pretty much.

And none of the shooters in shockwave look remotely as good as this, nor do they have decent AI, or multiplayer (i guess he’s going to add it later though =).

Tried it. Stupid thing wouldn’t let me navigate by mouse.


I can’t see 90% of the map. All I really see is shadows. I keep shooting into invisible walls.

Shouldn’t be like that, the game is well lit. Heck, the lighting is rather rudimentary.

No, I can’t see the walls or floors or stuff like that. Doesn’t matter how well it’s lit. Like, I see the shadows of a pillar or something, but I don’t see the pillar, instead I see through the pillar.

the game runs perfectly for me, and it’s pretty cool.

Is your shockwave the latest version sorc?

no idea, whats the latest version?

It’s way too laggy for me. :confused: