Holy shit


6000 dead rats and 42000 gallons of water later, the market is clean.

That must have made one hell of a rat stew

I didn’t think they had 42,000 gallons of water in Kenya.

But seriously, how could the people that worked and shopped there let it become so terrible?

Think of the smell. This market is supposed to sell food.

Dude… just thinking of… dude… O_O

What disgusts me most was the line that said this was the first major cleanup after 30 years.

Such a filth won’t be cleaned with all the water they wasted there. It’s the wrong element, they should set the whole place in fire instead. And then rebuild it from scratch.

This makes me wonder: where did all this water end up?

According to the water cycle, the sky.

Why do I have the impression ALL of Sin’s threads have the same title? I always think it’s necroposting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I just thought the exact same :stuck_out_tongue:

…and for some reason that seems to happen quite often recently… <_<;
But yeah, this is pretty disgusting. o-o


I thought it was funny that an old runway was buried in garbage and then turned into a thriving supermarket.

Funny how it’s a fresh foods market

The Death of Rats got busy.

So That’s why a mate of mine who spent a whole month with bowal problems when in Kenya. If you don’t beleve me A bloke in Ohio and a girl In Germany can back me up.

Big Nutter
I heard he was so depserate near the end of the month…

Filthy! What are they going to do next, display the food on used toilet paper? Damn! Do those people eat with their feet or something? O_o;


How many threads has Sin posted with the title “Holy Shit”?


Some 6 after the last major deletion. This one, and:


The question is not ‘how many’ he did, but ‘did he ever make a thread with a title that didn’t have Holy Shit in it?’

And now, as a foreigner, I must say that Holy Shit is kinda the funny expression. A native speaker might say it mechanically, but from an external point of view people may actually wonder about it and ask themselves, “who’s blessing all that shit?”