HOLY SHIT, what luck!


This used to be magiccoolbandanas, but they changed I guess. I thought they went out of business after I repeatedly couldn’t find their site. They made another one recently I guess or search engines weren’t picking it up. woo! More bandanas for me! And a black one too!

gyar, the pirate’s life is the life for me…

Yes, I’m planning to get him… “watermelon.” Tasty. :slight_smile:

But if anyway knows a website where he can get green bandannas… he needs one. The other one is getting kind of old <.<

just get a freekin’ green rag and wrap it around your forehead, I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find a bandana :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not exactly chinchilla fur.

gasp Bring in the fashion police. Merlin wants people to tie rags around their heads :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, I’m just about the least fashionable person around. What I spend on my bi-seasonal wardrobe lots of people I know spend on 2-4 items. It’s even worse for shoes, I only own one pair of shoes a year, not counting stuff like shower or formal footwear.

Sounds like me. I’ve had my boots for 2 years now. I’m just picky about my bandannas.

I’m just picky about…YOUR NOSE!!! OHHHHHHH!!!111

goes fishing for someone to give him a high five

edit: and I generally change my shoes largely because they become unwearable after a year of use. For example, my sneakers from two years ago ended up with holes in the soles by the time I got a new pair. Plus their inner lining always gets torn up after a year’s time.

I have… a great deal of shoes. I’m like, um, the former president of the Phillipine’s wife… what was the name? Markos?

Anyway. <.< Not QUITE that bad. But I like shoes.

shakes her head Silly men and their lack of shoes…

Bah, bandannas, the whorish cousin of the noble hat.

Originally posted by Cloth Hat
Bah, bandannas, the whorish cousin of the noble hat.

If we can buy your cosins on the web…what about YOUR MOM???:o

My sister started wearing bandannas after this… incident in which she got a REALLY bad haircut, so she used it to hide it for awhile. Now, she has like a dozen of them.

e, I’m a hat person, I just prefer the extra weight on my head.

I don’t do either, and my shoes date from 1997, so I’m hardly a rolemodel in this category.

I have three pairs of shoes. Winter, Spring/Fall and summer. They get replaced when they die. I’m the only girl I know except my sister who’s not obsessing over shoes…

As for bandanas, hats etc… Don’t have any. Oh! I do so… I have a really big hat which I used to wear for protection when flyfishing… if I haven’t gotten rid of it.

I only buy new shoes when the ones I have start to become destroyed. I’ve never liked hats or bandanas, they always make me feel uncomfortable.

I need to find a “Magic Mexican Hats” website. I already have a fedora and a bandanna (Urban camo), I never wear it though…I always wear my fedora.

So if anyone finds a site with magic mexican hats or something like that, please let me know.

Originally posted by Jing
I’m the only girl I know except my sister who’s not obsessing over shoes…

I don’t obsess over shoes, either. I probably have 3 pairs of shoes… One is a pair of sandals, one is a pair of boots for winter, and another are just a random pair of sneakers I wear in spring/fall.

mrowr, cala and boots… anyway.

I used to have teh same problem as Merlin, but my boots lasted me 2 years. I don’t know if they’ll last another year though. They will if I duct tape. We’ll see.

Sandals, sneakers, and my “Merriman-Webster” baseball cap.

shrugs My shoes are a collection… which I’ve acquired over a period of many years. (like… since I was 12. :stuck_out_tongue: Strangely, some still fit) The only shoes which I actually buy on a regular basis are tennis shoes and flip-flops. (Mostly because I put all the wear in those, and the others I just wear occasionally) Soo… I wouldn’t exactly call it an obsession. Though I do like to play it up for Sin’s benefit.

Um. I need to “mrowr” over something too now. <.< …mrowr, Zero and shoes from 1997!