Holy shit. This game owns all survival horror games out there.

I was walking around Blockbuster yesterday, looking at games for sale; and I recall reading about this game named ObsCure on IGN.com, so I looked around; and lo and behold, it’s there. I looked at the back, and didn’t seem that interesting. I was considering buying Burnout 3, or this game; so I ended up with this game.

Boy, was I in for a suprise. When the game started, it was straightforward and quick. No real story or anything; just ended up introducing the characters, and it’s straight into gameplay. I didn’t expect much right as soon as I heard Sum41 playing the introduction song (what the fuck?).

It seemed pretty boring at first; but then I found a gun. This is probably the first in the whole survival horror genre to actually have a flashlight on a gun. I know Resident Evil 4 has it as well, but this game came out before RE4. The guy (Kenny) taped the flashlight on the fucking pistol. The flashlight is like 1.5x the size of the gun.

Then I found this black mist. It said to shine the flashlight on it to make it go away; or else it drains health or something. So I did. It worked. I liked this, so it could prepare me for Siren 2 (you use flashlights to kill enemies in S2). I found some other guy.

He quickly found a gun, and we worked as a team. Did I mention the two-player capabilities? If you have another party member, and a second controller plugged in, the player 2 just presses start to take control of the extra person. Friendly fire is disabled, so no problems of getting in each others way.

I got my girlfriend to play as the other guy (Dan?). We ran around, and out of nowhere this door explodes and this fleshy mutant thing comes flying out, instantly killing Dan(?).

I got out, and made it past the prologue.

I now totally love this game. It is incredible. Let me break this down for you:

The sound is incredible; you hear screams from across the school (game takes place in one), excellent music, and sound effects.
Gameplay is intense and impressive. Battles are incredible. If you’re stuck in a room, just break the door open with a weapon. Smash pop machines for health drinks. Smash windows to shed light in the area. Smash fire-extinguishers to make a distraction. Do anything.
Story is pretty boring. >_>

This takes the gameplay of Resident Evil, adds in some twistedness of Silent Hill, adds some Siren feeling to it; and adds stereotypical teen horror movie elements and multiplayer capabilities; and you got ObsCure.

I am also scared shitless to advance in the game. I’m in this part where I walk through a hallway, and lockers lining the walls; then suddenly a crash is heard. Lockers go flying like paper planes being thrown. This giant red-pink flesh blob pops up, crushing my fellow person, making them critical health and then the person gets up. Crutching over, tries to run with you to the exit; but is grabbed by the flesh thing’s tentacles. He’s thrown back behind the thing, but all I can do is watch in horror as the beast pummels the bloody shit out of him.

I have 2 baseball bats, and a steel column spike thing. I can’t defeat that thing on my lonesome. I’d be eaten in like seconds. :o

Yeah, that really IS a fun game…It’s a shame how few people know about it.

I thought this was gonna be a RE4 thread, seeing how the PS2 version is out >_>

Sounds cool. Maybe I’ll rent it.

Was obscure that game with the two highschool kids on the back of it? Like, theres a guy and a girl in steriotypical prep clothes or somthing? If so I heard some people say the game sucked…

But after reading what you said about it, it seems alot better and kind of contradicts what they said…!

Yes, yes it was.

Resident Evil overstayed it’s welcome. It all went downhill in my opinion after Dead Aim.

Then play RE4 :open_mouth:

It’s really, really awesome. RE4 is how Survival Horror games should play.

This is a very good game, but Alone in the Dark III is still the pinnacle of all Storytelling and gameplay in survival horror, in my opinion. Also it made a great end to the series, since New Nightmare simply does not really exist.
It was Cthulhu, trying to pollute one of the few game series to honestly never have a bad game, but I see throught his trick.

ObsCure 2 is also coming out. :D~~

RE4 doesn’t look as good as it did for the GameCube

Ok, help needed now. I’m in the cafeteria place, and I’ve just finished the fuse box (I have a save there, and a save back in the library where Mr. Friedman is previously in the game timeline), and I was wondering; do enemies respawn? I’ve noticed it only in this level. Should I go back to my previous save; since I got 0 pistol ammunition left?