Holy shit! Russian conspiracies

The link you posted doesn’t work. If you can post a link showing a statistic, either through polling or the census, that shows that a majority of Native American Indians identify themselves as being of traditional Native American religion, that would do more to help your argument than calling me racist over and over again. Do you think that by posting a single link to a Native American religion site somehow proves I made a false generalization?

By the way, how does saying that most Native Americans abandoned their beliefs when they were put on reservations, and that some are now rediscovering and embracing them, make me a racist?

I compared the Chechnya situation to the Palestinian one because both involve a group of people who wish to have their own state, are being occupied by a different ethnic group, and have resorted to terrorism and militancy. You believe the Chechens don’t ‘own’ the land they live on, but they are being ruled by the Russians when they don’t want to be. The fact that the Arabs outnumber the Jews, but that the Russians outnumber the Chechens, is not relevant for the comparison I was making.

I believe that you could find similarities between what’s going on in Chenchnya with both Palestine and the Natives living in this country, but both analogies would be insufficient to explain the morality involved in the Chechnya situation.

Sorry, I’m trying to keep this discussion ON TOPIC…Not posting over and over your racist rhetoric would do alot more to help your argument, as well.

It doesn’t, thats also not what you posted:

[b]The Native Americans abadoned the cultural practices and religions of their ancestors when they were put on reservations in the 19th century.[/quote]

Thats what you posted. BTW, its a complete lie. If you knew anything all about natives or the spiritualities, then you’d know the rhetoric for what it is.

If its been your point to not make any relevant comparisons, then you have succeeded magnificently.

That sounds exactly what I said. If I’m being off-topic, why exactly are you calling me a racist? Because I said most Natives don’t practice traditional Native beliefs? Because I said that the minority who do do so because they rediscovered the beliefs within the last quarter century or so?

As far as Chechnya, I explained what parts of the Palestinian-Chenya comparison I found to be relevant.

To start with, neither statements are what you posted earlier.

[b]They’re scattered over the country in reservations, they half-heartedly embrace some spiritual practices of their ancestors, but really just for novelty.

Mostly they have high suicide, alcoholism, and unemployment rates, with some of them lucking out with ancestral lands and getting rich off of casinos run by white businessmen.

Natives are all of much different mixtures of race, and the only thing they have in common is their poor socioeconomic status

When I said ‘Native Americans religion is like a novelty’, what I was trying to say is that it was more akin to the invention of ‘Kwanzaa’ or the attempted revival of the Irish Gaelic language than it is to other older, continuous religions like Christianity or Judaism.

The Native Americans abadoned the cultural practices and religions of their ancestors when they were put on reservations in the 19th century.[/b]

The proof is in the pudding man. Like I said earlier, I really don’t think you’re a racist. I just think you’re very ignorant. Saying things like “Christianity is older than the beliefs’ of American natives” proves my point rather eloquently.

Curtis, if you’re not racist…then please just quit posting your ignorant, racist remarks. I apologize for calling you a racist, but come on dude…can’t we discuss anything maturely without throwing around those types of comments?

ladies, ladies. take it to pms, please

It’s amazing what the twists of fate can lead to. When I’m bored, I sometimes type some random words in Google and go around reading whatever comes up. I was bored, and since I had just finished reading Freddy’s posts, I typed “Freddy Pickle” expecting some weird shit about pickles or the old “No results were found blah blah blah”.

What I found is a forum conversation with him (Or at least I guess it’s him from his identical screen name, sig and avatar) and some friends discussing the fine art of trolling/spamming and showing of his work on several other forums , as well as some positive bans from forums such as “Fire Emblem: Sanctuary of Strategy”.

So tell us Freddy, are we part of your “artistic development” or are you really trying to be a member of this community? I’m really not trying to attack you, I just want to know if I should take my time reading what you say, because I while I enjoy debating, I want to be sure the other person isn’t just trying to push buttons.

I <3 you Seraphim.

Seraphim, you are a King among men

Interesting…I have fans now. Awesome.

While I do enjoy clowning on people for the sake of amusement, I generally leave said clowning to communities of which I’m not a part of. I’ve been an avid RPG for almost 20 years now. If look at some of the site’s I’ve helped invade, let me assure you that I’m not a band nerd, math nerd, or conservative christian (the three boards I checked out).

Its even more ironic that you bring up FESS. You say that I’ve been banned from the site, yet I’m currently logged on. Thats a bit strange. Anyway…I like this board and I generally take everyone who wants to be taken seriously, seriously.

And now he went and told his friends.

This is cool…I already have a president of my fan club.

Sure man, sure…

And by the way, I might have misinterpreted what “Dunce Cap Mask” means, but it does seem you got some kind of punishment. This is the link to the thread, but you can’t see it unless you register.

It’s amazing what can come from being unable to sleep and bored at 2AM.

If you think spamming other communities is funny, then obviously we’re far behind the humour curve that the members of the Mega64ums have set! Why don’t you go back there, where they’ll appreciate your efforts more than us lesser minds ever could?

Hey, Leave us out of this. But if you get the chance, come on by, and check out the forums! You too can become a fledgling member of our great society! Benefits include:

-point- come up with great (or not so great) Ideas in the skit suggestions, only to be shot down and verbally raped time and time again!

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So, come on down to Rocco’s Crazy Mega64 Forum of mystery, You’ll love it. Or die Trying.

Oh, and Teh 0n3 Chick is a rabid Whore. Just a word of warning.

But yeah, leave us out of this.

Severely derailed topic. So Freddy, if Seraphim’s insinuations are true, please leave (if not, try to be not be so vitriolic when dealing with others). Uh… To the rest of you, get off Freddy’s back. It’s the mods’ business, not yours. And, uh, I think that’s it.

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