Holy *insert random swear here*

Today… um woah…

To start things off, I get a Dreamcast from Saturn through a trade… just awesome !! Loving Border Down especially ! It’s just so freakin’ beautiful 2D at its best :smiley: I think I’ll really enjoy this console ^^;

Anyways… I decide to drop by at my local Vidéotron… Just looking at the recent PS2/NGC titles… I take a gander at the consoles they offer… I see this fairly large black box… And then I realize “DG, that’s a Saturn… yeah, a freakin’ Sega Saturn right in front of ya!”…

So I just ask the clerk : “How much for the Saturn ?”

Clerk : “40$”

Me : “Pardon ?”

Clerk : “40$”

Me : “40$ ?!”

Clerk : “40$”

Me : “Sweet wheels of shit !! SOLD !!”

It’s not just the console, there were 5 games with it including Albert Oddysey : Legend of Eldean, Shining Force III, NHL95 (Who gives a rat’s ass about that one ?), Resident Evil… and Legend of Oasis !!! O_O

Apparently some 11-12 year old kid sold it because he thought it was outdated and boring. Ouch. He only got 20$ out of it all.

Anyways, so now I’m a proud owner of a Saturn and a Dreamcast !! W00t!!

Holy shit! You got the Saturn Shining Force!!!

…Can I come over?

You know DG be glad I don’t know where you live,because I so would steal that Saturn especially SF and Albert Odessy with it.

It’s strange that when you posted this I was waching old Sega Saturn commercials,Segata Sanshiro is awesome.

If the memory keeps getting wiped, go buy a new battery, DG. CR2032, I believe. It fits into a slot in the back. Or you could try finding a memory card, but eh. I haven’t had much luck in that regard, although Saturn is supposed to help me. >.>

You lucky bastard. I can only find them on line and they are a little more than I want to pay.

Indeed, you ARE a lucky bastard. :smiley:

Dayum, wish that happened to me.

Lucky sod.


That is an INCREDIBLE collection of Saturn games there, DG. Now just find NiGHTS, and you should be done with your domestic collection. Pick up an ST-Key or a 4-in-1 Action Replay from lik-sang, and you should be ready to play imports (read: Radiant Silvergun).

I saw one for 30 bucks, at a swap meet. Unfortunately I didnt pounce on my chance.

I used to have NiGHTS and the bonus NiGHTS christmas disc. I also had the entire (yea, you read that right) panzer dragoon set of releases for saturn. I sold them off to get a DC right when the DC first came out, and don’t regret it at all.

DC is really one of the greatest systems ever. Its really the one of my “classic” systems that i play with any consistency.

Make sure you look into homebrew on DC, and ESPECIALLY imports. The import scene is great for DC, as i’m sure a shmup fan such as yourself already knows :wink:

Also, you can make a boot disc for DC with just a standard CD burner and blank CD! =)

ps shenmue sucks lol

Now all I need is a PC Engine/Turbo Duo and my gaming life will be complete :smiley:

That’s for <I>damn</I> sure. :smiley:

My Saturn and my Turbo are my two favorite systems.

Wow… that’s pretty cool DG. I’ve never really played Sega systems, but I’m happy for you!

(Hey, the guy I dated with the DC back in the day hogged it… and then he had the nerve to dump me!)

Good job Dragon God on your purchases…even so wouldn’t you trying to earn money, not spend it. :smiley:

From now on, we are best friends.

Find him, and kill him. Then you get revenge, <I>and</I> a Sega Dreamcast! Wow, that problem was quickly solved. :smiley: