Holy Dancing Midgets on a Plateau!

I have finally got on the Dean’s list!

Drama: Ibsen to O’Neill - A (3 Credits)
Creative Writing: Fiction - A- (3 Credits)
Children’s Literature - B (3 Credits)
Philosophy I - A- (3 Credits)
(And I passed all my phys. ed. classes, of course!)

Woohoo! I guess this is what happens when you get off your ass and actually work.

Oh, and to be fair; the reason I got a B in Children’s Literature is because of an oral report that I botched muchly. I need to work on my oral skills (although the fiction reading went very well; that’s because it was reading my fiction as opposed to reading off of an outline).


The girls will appreciate it.

Ninja edit: Oh, and congrats.


Congrats, CC, RT or GAP, depending on your history :wink: Either way, that’s great.

Hurrah! Congratulations.

Good job…I know that something I will never get in my life time…esepecially when I am 16 points off from getting a B.

(“Leigther Accent”) All-reet Ken! (/“Leighter”) Well you done well mate.

Yeah, I’m Borrowing your name in Will’s Saga.

If you’re woundering a Leighter (lee-th-er) is a native of Leigh or something that comes from Leigh. I Fall in the Former Catorgery.

Good job. Are you going to go to disneyland now?

And whats the point of the dean’s list… does this mean you have a better chance at winning scholarships now?

I don’t know, honestly. I think it means they won’t shoot me, now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Universities tend to have Dean’s lists for people that reach above a certain GPA in a given semester/quarter. I’m a bit desensitized to it, but its nice to it makes some people happy. You’ve come a long way in the past few years GPA, its good to see success stories. Congrats.

Well, yeah, I knew that. I just didn’t know if it really meant jack. shrugs I didn’t get it the semesters past even though I was quite capable of it because I was a lazy little fucktard. This semester I stressed myself out, but I got okay results. I could have tried a little harder in Children’s Lit, but when one’s professor grades by sociopolitical opinion rather than content it is tough.

I know it because I actually tested it. I worked really hard on a great essay that had something of the opposite opinion of her’s and I got a C on it. I wrote a really shitty essay agreeing with her on some stupid opinion of hers and got an A. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, I guess. I used to get grades like that, but they kinda started going downhill a little near the end of middle school.