Holy Crap

Invader’s blood marches through my veins like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!

Invader Zim is artificial creativity

Do you even read/think before you type?
You’re calling something artificial creativity. Honestly, I’ve never seen any worse of an oxymoron. You’ve completely ignored the fact that you can’t produce creativity. Creativity isn’t some easily manufactured good that you can just pop out randomly. The definition of creativity is " Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative: creative writing."
You can’t fucking be artificially original.

I mean it tries too hard to be creative with all this colorful stuff and how it’s unusually drawn. Maybe “superficial creativity” is a better term

NIghtmare before Christmas is also the same way.

You don’t like it because it’s outlandish. That doesn’t make it “artificial” or “superficial”. Neither of those words make sense when describing “creativity”. Perhaps you mean something more like the bizzarre nature of the animation (and/or whole show itself) seems forced. That I could find believable as a criticism.

“Perhaps you mean something more like the bizzarre nature of the animation (and/or whole show itself) seems forced. That I could find believable as a criticism.”

Yeah, that’s what I mean

Then fucking say that.
Pseudo-intellect isn’t the same as intellect.

I hope to hell you at least understood that.

Comparing Zim and Nightmare before Christmas is stupid.

Zim doesn’t have some new, strange, or unique style of animation. In fact, I don’t think it is particularly “colorful” or “unusually drawn” at all. You want unusually drawn, look at something like Aeon Flux.

What makes Zim stand out is how dark and twisted the storyline is. If you don’t like the show because it is a bit strange, or too dark for you, then say that. Don’t make some retarded comment like it is “artificial creativity” or “superficial creativity.” That makes no sense.

Go watch Hamtaro or something.

Well FUCK. I didn’t know it was dark. I didn’t even know it had a story. If I knew, then I would of understood why people like it

I never even watched it before. I thought, hey, it’s just another dumb nicktoon

I don’t even know why people in general compare Zim with Ren and Stimpy.They different from front to back.In my opinion Zim was more of a mature content than R & S.But I dont really think it should be suggested to Comedy Central since it doesnt have curse or vulgar content (i.e South Park lol).But they do sell the DVD of the season though so thats a way of watching it since they took it off the air.Bastards…I loved gir

Well anyways, Steve is right Kasa.You cant be artificial and original at the same time.They cancel eachother out.Maybe you ment another term of the sort so just lay low.Nightmare Before Christmas has nothing to do with this people. :thud:
Kinris: its called Dark Harvest, or something like that