Holy Crap

I was watching an episode of Invader Zim recently and I cant denie that I was astounded.Holy shit no wonder they took it off the air :open_mouth: Just five minutes into the show and already it was pretty much disturbing.Its reminds of of just plain sinister.The shows cool and all but Im not really up for kids watching this. Discusseth.

Only the Santa episode was slightly disturbing.

What about that episode where Zim ate everyones internal organs and replaced them with household Appliances?

:moogle:… creepy.

I just wish the show had been placed on comedy central and aimed at teen+ audience from the begining.

I just wish people would stop putting threads in the wrong forums.

I wish I could see new episodes of invader zim :frowning:

I loved that show, it was funny. I Loved Gur, he rocked, lol.


Wasn’t as off the wall as Ren and Stimpy though.

I think it was highly overrated.

It’s not anime. It’s quirky, but as was said, Ren and Stimpy is better. But it isnt anime.

one of my friends told me invader zim was pretty good. i was also told that ren and stimpy sucked harder than a hoover.

I’m gonna sing the doom song!

the doom song? is this related to the game doom or something else completely?

Well if you looked at the thread topic you might figure it out.


I love Invader Zim.

You should see the movie Heavy Metal. It’s a great cartoon

Invader Zim rocks. Especially when Gir gets turned into a house.

I’ve never watched Invader Zim…where was it aired? I liked Ren and Stimpy…the old series.

Invader Zim played on Nickelodeon and started around the same time Fairly Odd Parents did. They still play old episodes on their nicktoons channel.
I remember watching Ren and Stimpy when I was younger, and I loved it. But I’ve never seen it since then.

holy crap doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me. for all i know the whole doom song thing could be a random post. meh, you still make your point i guess.