Now that I have your attention…

Frankly, that thing about the Rosemary girl is kinda creepy.

God, don’t do that. I thought you meant a new Earthbound game, don’t get so excited over nothing.

Well, I did catch your attention, didn’t I? :booster:

Be careful of what kind of attention you’re catching. : \

I almost creamed myself, now I’m stabbing my desk with a pencil as my hopes were shot through the roof… and then crashed into a lake of fire.

Wow, way to be retarded by doing things like this, I get enough of this stuff on the Blizz forums, don’t spread it to the place.

I don’t get how you could have mistaken this for a new Earthbound game. :stuck_out_tongue: The thread title says exactly what the thread is about. :stuck_out_tongue:

It still sounds like thread baiting. Wasn’t there a rule about this?

No, it isn’t thread baiting, because the thread title says exactly what the fucking thread is about. If you think there’s a rule for this, check the forum rules which are at the top of every page on the boards, and then report the post. But I’m TELLING you there is no rule for that, and I’m TELLING you he didn’t even bait anyone. :stuck_out_tongue: So lay off him, ALL OF YOU.

I’m not trying to say he did somthing wrong, I’m just saying I was disapointed that it WASNT about a new earthbound game… >_>

To all who thought I meant a new EB game…


Last time I checked, Earthbound Zero wasn’t a new game. It came out on the NES, for god’s sakes. (Not officially, but still…)