Holy crap. CNN reporters are human!


Who wants to bet he gets fired sometime soon? (the video is quite good, as well.)



Somewhat related, kanye west going nuts on live tv-

<a href=“http://buttlands.net/kanye.avi">"George Bush doesn’t care about black people”</a>

I hope not, Anderson Cooper’s the best part of CNN.

Man I hope the bitch doesn’t get re-elected. Finally a reporter has the balls to ask questions everyone wants to hear.

We need more reporters and less politicians like that. Who did she sleep with to get elected?

Oh my god. Akward for Mike Myers… Is it really like what Kanye said? Are the army officials supposed to shoot people looting?

The politician on that CNN clip really liked to thank the President…

This was great. I tip my hat to Anderson Cooper and really hope he doesn’t get fired.

Yeah, I hope he doesn’t get fired either…