Holy crap awesome

I think we can all agree on a few things.

Video game music = cool.

Covers of video game music for piano or guitar = very cool.

Covers of video game music on a frickin’ pipe organ = See thread title.

(This guy also plays a pretty mean accordion.)

That is very cool. Must have been a great privilege for the guy to have access to such an instrument. Ah, to only play heavy metal on that now… :ulty:

To think that kids these days are stuck with ‘Marvelous Misadventures of Fuckjack’ and ‘Chowder’, I feel sorry for them. Even the shows for really little kids are all messed up these days, whatever happened to things like Little Bear, and Richard something’s something Town, and Mr. Rogers.


Pipe organs. <3

Mister Rogers.

He died.

My “what” was directed at why you were complaining about today’s cartoons in a thread dedicated to video game music on the pipe organ.

I think it’s because of the third link, with the accordion. Although I say that as a generation that grew up watching the Super Mario Brothers Super Show? We have no right to complain about what kids of this generation grow up watching.

Yea, I watched the accordion thing and forgot all about the pipe organ.

You take that back. Captain Planet was tubular dude.

I really really like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It references Dune and HP Lovecraft. That one with the monster orphanage is pretty cool too. They’re both watchable, which is more than I can say about the GI JOE cartoon movies. I tried to watch the one where those underground snake people team up with COBRA and I had to stop after half an hour of hysterical laughter. There was absolutely no plot! Nothing anyone said or did made any sense for more than two minutes. It was just a bunch of steroid and plastic surgery addicts saying cool-sounding, melodramatic nonsense, then explosions.

Which were pretty cool. There’s something about explosions that speaks to a six year old’s soul… I just wish I didn’t try to watch it, so I could keep my memories of how awesome it was when I was six.

I wonder if my generation being raised on animated toy advertisements has anything to do with Adult Swim’s popularity?

What about Avatar? We didn’t have that while growing up.
Plenty of the cartoons we had in the 90s were crap/annoying(Ed, Edd, and Eddy comes to mind).

…wow, Sailormoon played on the accordion…
Pipe organs are awesome.

I certainly didn’t expect to hear Grunty’s Lair, cool beans!

Though I thought his accordion playing was a bit sloppy.

Add me to the list of fans of old 80’s cartoons. Well, the good ones, like He-Man. YES, HE-MAN. Laugh if you will, but for its time, it had good animation, music and characterization. OK, so I always wondered why the good guys NEVER captured any of the villains (seriously, in some episodes they just watch them run away- what, Eternia has no jails!?) and other silly bits, but it still rocked.

In fact, I have been watching He-Man and She-Ra stuff on YouTube lately- and look what I found! The Spanish Opening Theme!! Yes, it actually had lyrics! You can listen to them here (note that the character’s dialogue has been removed so you can hear the song well: )

Here’s a translation done by me: :wink:

The Universe is now protected
by the Power of Greyskull!
With secret powers of that great castle
He-Man will fight to the end!

Having by his side the Magic Sword
and friends that will not fail,
evil forces will want to kill him
and will never rest!

Here we go agaaaaaiiin.

We have a small local movie theater where some guy plays a pipe organ for an hour or so before the movie starts. You haven’t heard “Stayin’ Alive” until you’ve heard it on a pipe organ.