Holy crap, a Studio Ghibli game? And for the DS, no less!

So right now it’s only out in Japan (I think it’s out, anyway), but still!

Link to the trailer.

I’d be more interested if I liked anything that Level 5 ever puts out.

Didn’t they announce this game like a year and a half ago or something?

Originally Posted by Skankin’ Garbage
I’d be more interested if I liked anything that Level 5 ever puts out.

They helped develop Dragon Quests VIII and IX.

And although I haven’t played any of them yet I’ve heard good things about the Professor Layton games.

At any rate they’re better than Tri-ace at least.

I hope someone makes a game based on this movie!!!

Look, I’m being clever.

Yes, Ni no kuni has had a lot of buzz lately and it looks like it’s shaped up to be an amazing game. The really cool part is that it comes with a physical book which is to be used in piecing together the story and puzzles. Unfortunately this means that localization is going to be incredibly difficult if it happens at all, but I’m hoping it does.

Jade Empire? Studio Ghibli did the anime scenes for that game.

Also Lost Magic (or was it just a guy from Ghibli?).

I love the nose of the short creature.

I, uh, think you meant Jade Cocoon? Which is one of my favorite PSX games, incidentally.

But yes, this looks awesome, and I really, really hope it makes it over here. I’ve really liked most of the Level-5 games I’ve played, and I enjoy Ghibli, so this is practically sex in video game form for me.