Holy chocobo shit!

How about another FFVII spin-off?
Ladies and Gentlemen
May I present to you:
Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding

Final Fantasy Snowboarding’s use of the iconic Chocobo race theme is likely to especially pique the interest of series fans.

Oh yah, and check out Musahi:Mobile Samurai!

The former (due out this next month) is a port of the snowboarding minigame found in Final Fantasy VII’s Gold Saucer area

For a reviewer, he seems to have a spelling problem.
The game is probably going to be SSXTricky with a FF7 skin.

Musashi is out! HOOOZAH!

Well, calling that game a spin-off is a big stretch.
But what a way for SE to milk a franchise! Impressive.

Yes, they tend to have quite the milking abilities, don’t they? Looks pretty cool though.

Of course, if they’d just perfected the snowboarding mini-game in FFVII the first time around, they wouldn’t need to do this!