Holodeck, here we come!

Too awesome. :biggrin:


But now Moriarti will come to life and take over the ship. :frowning:

I call bullshit. Light does not just bounce off of “thin air”, there has to be something as a background for the light particles to reflect off of, a screen, smoke, whatever. Unless they’ve broken the laws of physics (or are just using glass, then photoshopping the image), i really doubt this.

Plus, the caption is standard meaningless industry buzzword crap. No real information is given, and they just talk about how great the product is and how many people have already ordered (without giving names, of course).

If this was coming from Canon or Matsushita or something…THEN i’d bite, but as it stands this screams hoax.

Why must you crush our dreams? D:

Hey wait…that’s just a hologram of the ship! LOOK OUT DATA!

Stop cryin’ or i’ll give you something real to cry about! shakes fist

It looks pretty cool =0
dev: read the faq and stuff about the thingie.
“[…] the heliodisplay with the self-sustaining module converts the air and does not introduce anything new into the air that does not already exist in the air.”
It doesn’t seem to project per se.
http://www.io2technology.com/technology/overview << techinical yaddayaada

If that’s real then, OMG I want it…if not, then the people who posted the image are jerks.

Uhm, this thing converts the air into an image?

I’m always open to new technology and I believe this will be possible at some point if it isn’t already, but that method is a little hard to believe right now. It says that it changes the air (Into what?) to project the image while not actually altering the air… that doesn’t really make much sense to me. The rest of the explanation sounds more or less reasonable, even the part of the “hologram” being touch-sensitive (I guess a common laser like the one in a mouse could work there).

But putting reality on hold for a minute, this could be seriously awesome if it were real.

Hmm, holo porn.

That was of course, to be expected.

The whole thing smells fishy. They say the demo videos are down and the images available could be photoshopped.

Am I the only person who thinks Tvs work fine… New technology is to be feared, people! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must burn down my next door neighbour’s house. I hear they have a vacuum that cleans the house on its own volition.

They have a patent for what they’re doing. Apparently it heats up air to make the water vapor or something condense, and then they spray the particles in a certain way to make a screen out of them. The most significant advancement seems to be finding a way to get the particles for the screen from ordinary air instead of using a reservoir, and maybe some techniques for stabilizing the screen.

No holograms though, it’s just a 2d screen. A similiar effect is available from projecting an image onto glass (glass is probably more stable and thus is probably cheaper and more stable).

I hear it’s amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!

So in that case, wouldn’t waving your hand through the image destroy it? And ruin any advantage to using the system?

Vapor or heated air would be too unstable for the touch-sensitive mechanism, just like Dev said. Also, it says that this device doesn’t change the air condition, not to mention that as much as a small breeze would destroy the image.

I’m not saying I’m absolutely sure of anything, but if it does work, it has to be a bit more complicated than that.

coughcough >.>