Holidays, eh?

I’ll be hitting the Eastern Europe, from North to South by train. Should be fun. As an added bonus in these long train hours I plan to reach Nirvana and become my personal God. How’s that? Then I go on to sell my story to Fox News and (ghost) write a bestseller.

How about you? (If it’s summer there, obviously).

:thinking: meditating

I’ve already done my main holiday thing and went to Europe (the Finnish part this time), and saw many interesting and wonderous things.


My sister was bitten by a moose!

I spent three weeks in cape clear, a gaeltacht. there, I met many new people and spoke Irish a lot. It was…an incredibly fun time :D.

Apart from that, I’m going to Achill Island on Saturday for our yearly two-weeks-of-been-spoiled-by-my-aunt, which will also rock. That’s it for me though >>;

Hm Finland, cool. If you like lakes you must have indeed seen many wondrous things. Personally I love lakes. And water. Unless it’s water with gas.

Pack your things Cavel!

I already had my “holiday adventure”: I went to europe in May, came back just over a month ago. Now I’m just being a lazy bum until I go back to school in September. Hmmm what else… oh, I am going to be volunteering a wildlife rescue centre. And I’m sick. In the middle of the summer!!!

I was in California from July 1st to 6th… was supposed to be there to the 9th but didn’t get to stay until then.

My girlfriend and I did get to go to the 4th of July celebration, and… well, let’s just say that there was no shortage of good times. :wink:

I went to an anime convention a few weeks ago.

And, tommorrow I’m taking a plane to Michigan~ I’ll be staying there for a week with my family.

I’ve slept for a long time. I shall continue doing so the rest of my holidays.

Sleeping is good. Going on holiday is also a good way to justify sleeping through the rest of the year.

If you are particularly bored explain me what you do to celebrate July 4th.

Gila, I remember that thread. I almost joined to give you some info, sent a PM/mail? that bounced and by then you had already received plenty of suggestions. housewife voice You are one sick person.


The most I’ve done so far is hide at my dad’s house while he and his girlfriend are at this newagey-type thing called Starwood and my sister invited a friend over from Sweden. I’ll be heading back sometime today, and subsequently curse all 56k-only places, including my home.

My brother and I have been beating as many RPGs as we can before he goes away to college!

I went to England(Bristol for a few days, then London) for about a week, at the beginning of this month. It was alright - vacations tend to depress me or make me anxious, since I"m not really the sight-seeing type. We went to the Tower of London, my sister visited a school she’s thinking of going to, and mostly we ate a hell of a lot of food and restaurants and drank a lot of wine. I got to see what a European bar looks like - its almost like a nightclub but without the dancing. There were couches and coffee tables.

I’m going to Chicago on another vacation to seem my aunt, in a few days, actually.

I normally just sleep in, though a few years ago, I went on a long trip from California to Texas with my dad.

Curtis, there are many types of bars, don’t get fooled :wink:

def: A noble endeavour!

Poor cat, I feel for you. I was 56k line for two years but our deal only allowed for 33k.
Sweet, sweet fast internet.

It wouldn’t be a problem if it was, because I really liked the atmosphere, a lot better than American bars(I’ve actually been in one :P). I take it you’re from Europe. Where specifically, if you don’t mind answering?

Location:eu is kind of a giveaway too. Greece.

Just home from Iceland.

How much time did you spend there and was it enough/too much? Also did you get foreigner-name-they-have by passing through or should you live there to get it?

(I had read somewhere that Icelanders give a special name to the foreigners in the island. I think the male one stood for son of the wind or sth).

As an aside I’m hitting the road 'morrow. Catch you all later [STRIKE]pokemons[/STRIKE]