Holiday ad has hidden hate message

Cybercompost is a bigot?!

Not exactly hidden, is it. Oi.

But I heard about this a while ago. Apparenly while the ad designer was away, someone altered the ad. It never got noticed…

CC hates the Jews!

Eh… woops? :thud:

How in the merry old fuck did they miss that? :thud: we’re they proof reading it with a blindfold or something?

I agree, how in the world can somebody miss that? Even my blind ex-girlfriend could read that.

That looks like something Conan would do on his show for the hidden messages in magazine adds he does.

That’s “hidden” very well. :fungah:

My aunt knows the people who work at the company who did that. It’s funny.

Who is this false “CC” and why are they trying to destroy my image?


:hahaha; Thanks for the laugh. Its not like i have dislike for Jewish people though, just find that funny that got through. Uh im screwed up arent i?

It’s OK. They had Subway for lunch.

Originally posted by ahkeeyuu
It’s OK. They had Subway for lunch.
Man, is THAT joke getting old.


Someone took a joke too far…