Hockey: Early Predictions

I’m going for the canadian teams as usual, and right now Vancouver’s in first, so my hopes are riding on them. Ottawa’s another good choice as the undefeated leaders of their conference.

Detroit’s been in the limelight for FAR too long, but I can’t deny that they’re doing well so far.

What does everyone else think?

Ottawa all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyz

Detroit man. Plus if I ever changed sides my dad would murder me.

I’m in no mood to talk hockey after Edmonton got their ass walloped yesterday. I’m hoping for another lockout so we can fix all our problems. (lack of a goal-scoring forward, Pronger having no equal on defense, Ty Conklin)

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Strong as a bull, quick as a buck, the best thing to hit Toronto cause the Maple Leafs suck.


Calgary went for the jugular in the offseason in re: free agency and trades. I’d expect to see them in the Western Conference finals again (I’m sure the team and its fans expect a return trip to the cup finals) and really, anything less than that would have to be looked at as a disappointment.

In spite of their slow start, I expect San Jose to take their division and be facing Calgary in the conference finals again.

The Flyers have made the big noise in the offseason, somewhat like the Calgary of the East in that respect, but they still have a question mark of inordinate size looming over their net.

But overall I think its a bit too soon to read too much into any results so far, I mean, what, we’re less than 10 games into the season? I think every team is still trying to adjust to the new rules, and still figuring out how to play defense now that the “clutch and grab” style of defense is verboten. Predictions at this point are still little more insightful than your standard preseason predictions.

So yeah, don’t hold me to anything I just said about conference finals :smiley:

Hey. There’s another Kaiser

Is it DerKaiser?



I want to live in Anahiem… Ducks…

I don’t sleep well during Post Seasons…

Hockey sucks, plz k tnx. Play a real sport like volleyball.

<!-- Go leafs! Go! -->

Next up on the slippery floor of death is Mike Sharpe Aka, Big Nutter, a student from Leigh. He starts well but as Animal jumps infront of him, causing him to wobble. His feet are in the cartoon mode. He goes left, right, left… hey I’m out of sync. He almost made to the exit… but he start heading the wrong way… He then land face first at Animal’s Feet causing him to fall over… I bet His face hurts in the morning.

Right, you are there, Kat. (2k’s “human” name is Katherine Kleinson) Or should I say Kenny Blankenship… I knew I shouldn’t taped MXC-US last night…

Andyways, If you’ve seen the Headers I’ve taken by just skating, you know its a man’s sport…

I think that with the new rules, the teams with fast/speedy players and superior power play execution will do better than the teams beefed up for old style game play (hit, take the puck wide, hit, shoot, hit and go for rebounds). My predictions: Ottawa vs. Detroit in the finals.
My sentimental favorite, Montreal “Habs” might reach the semi-finals for the first time in more than 10 years.
Speaking of new rules, do you guys like them?
When I ask other hockey fans about that, I get mixed replys – the old timers (those who follow the sport for at least 20 years) are not to crazy about the lines being taken away, the refs blowing the whistle every 30 seconds and using shootouts to break the tie.
I find that the game is more exiting now than it was before the strike. Remember those scorless “soccer like” games?

Bruins baby!


Maybe that never actually happening has something to do with it, though.

I think they’ve gone a bit too far. Some of the new rules I like, others I think are just overkill.

Allowing the Two Line Pass: Good

Crackdown on the clutch and grab, and ACTUALLY really calling all those interference and holding penalties now: Good, as long as they stick with it.l

Bigger offensive zones (moving the blue lines in towards the red, moving the goal lines back): Good

I think all that was enough to increase scoring and make the game more exciting, and would’ve been fine. However, they went further:

Smaller Goalie Gear: I wouldn’t have done it, but I suppose it’s not really a problem.

The Trapezoid thing: Dumb. So now it’s an automatical delay of game penalty if the Goalie stickhandles the puck outside area X? Lame. If the guy wants to come out of his net and leave it open to play the puck, that should be okay, and encouraged (I mean, if you want more scoring, and such).

Now every player (not just goalies) can be called for delay of game if they shoot the puck out of play directly (i.e. it doesn’t bounce off the glass before going out): That’s just silly. There’s enough of a power play increase from them actually calling the obstruction penalties now that this is just overdoing it. Being punished with a face off in your own zone was enough, and should still be enough.

Shootouts/getting rid of ties: I want to put this idea in my toilet so that I can piss on it.

I want to see any two canadian teams in the finals.

The shootouts are awesome.

I predict the Flyers will do well for a little, then suck. Big time. Because that’s what Philly teams do.

i’m going to say that Detroit will get far, possibly, but not definitely into the finals. i’ve always loved the wings, and they have been doing well in recent years.

Re: scorless games.
Man, I just won a beer betting on that about a week ago :wink:

February 24 2004 Boston-Islanders 0-0
October 16 2003 Atlanta-Rangers 0-0
and Philadelphia-San Jose 0-0

and the number of 1-0 or 1-1 “soccer like” scores last season was astounding.