Hmmm... 1000 posts

Well, a resident lurker has hit the big 1000. Make with the questions, I’ll answer those that I care to.

I remember when you first started coming here. :open_mouth:

…I feel old.

How’s the sex?

What’s your 1000 post resolution?
Aiming for 2500?


Congratulations ^^
Do you follow any good series?
No further questions, your honor.

What were you doing in the night of February 29, 2003?

Live performane, album or live performance album?
Who’s your favorite band?

Will you now be more active, or continue to lurk? :slight_smile:

Who’s your favourite Vanguard Bandits character?

Damn you young’uns.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Whatever happened to the Beowulf cluster? (i know you told me like, five thousand times, but i forget again D:)

North Korea or Cuba?

Japan or Germany?

What is your favorite cake?

What are the chances of getting you sent to me as a mail order bride? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. no real preference
  2. Japan, mostly because I’ve been known to download massive amounts of their intellectual property
  3. Tie between angel food and german chocolate.

I moved to college shortly before the guy trying to do it filed for bankruptcy. The project wasn’t handled well to begin with, as there we really only 2 people with about a month’s knowledge of linux between them working on it.

That’s a tough one… mostly because I haven’t played it much lately. I’d have to say either Devlin or Andrew, as they both tend to be rather humorous.

Dunno. Depends on how much time I have this coming semester, what with having 2 programming classes and a calculus class. At least I won’t have a terrible internet connection reducing my will to do anything.

Err… none of the above. I’m not very big on music, nor to I actively seek it out.

Assuming I existed at such a time, I’d say I’d have had to have been in some form of extratemporal space for it to be possible.

Right now just Bleach. My tv mostly exists for my ps2 and for flipping to the History Channel or Adult Swim when I’m bored or trying to sleep.

Resolution, eh? As in one of those things you say you’ll do and then never put forth the slightest effort at doing? In that case I guess I’ll say something stupid like “1000 more by Christmas” or something. As for aiming for 2500, I’m not really aiming for anything.


BLASPHEMER!!! Stones him.
Oh well, you have the redeeming quality of watching Bleach.

Okay, since you don’t like THAT, what sort of consoles do you have?

If somebody were to randomly give you a hundred bucks, what would you do with it?

My Logo: Betting In Halo or Disagea font? OLD Comic Sans:

When Did you last have Beans? Curry? Eggs?

Eww! A drunk Guy Staobs a Shupuff, throws nuts a squirrel, and Ride’s A Shupuff claimg him self to be King of Spira! I’ve Missed One what is it and where Does it go? add more Since it’s BN2.42 exit Video.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Would you piss off an admin?
Would you rape BigNutter?
Would you attempt to have sex with yourself?

If you were being chased by a group of people intent on beating you to death and to shake them off your tail you could only turn into a palm tree or a lamp post, which would you choose and why?

Hey I thought People knew that I don’t like Anal…

Or Homosexual enounters

Should pot be legalized for medical uses?

Whats your plan for social security?

apple pie or peach cobbler?

cinnamon or cherrie pop tarts?

mech suit or battle tank?

would you rather be attacked by zombies or werewolves?

ninjas or samurai

transformers or gobots?

cotton candy or pop corn?

:moogle: and your boyfriends name is?