Hmm what was the site for the 2d Zelda project?

Can’t find it in the search, and I don’t want to poke throuhg the forum looking for it.

For the Ocarina of Time and MAjora’s Mask 2D progect anyways.

That is actually a really cool idea.

A good idea in theory. The guy can’t even finish a fucking Deku tree demo that he’s said that he was going to release in a few days in September!

Haha, you were practically worshipping the guy earlier, Jango :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats exaggerating Steve, I like the idea and the guy is cool for doing it. But I don’t think it takes 6 delays to complete one dungeon. It’s a demo and he’s trying to work every single possible bug out of it that may or may not exist. Demo’s aren’t suppossed to be perfect, and he lies about the status. In August he was like “Yeaaaaah it’s almost done.” Almost done doesn’t take 7 months, if it takes him this long to do one dungeon I’d hate to see how long it takes him to 10.

I thought the Duke Nukem game is almost done. a couple of years ago,

Big Nutter

S. Myamoto (no clue how to spell his name…he created Zelda and Mario) once said (referring to Zelda 64: OoT, “It’s better to release a good game late than to release a bad game on time.”

I agree. I’d wait for years for a Zelda game to come out. I know it will just be that much better. Granted I’ll still wish the game would come out sooner, but I think it’s always worth it.

Besides, the guy is doing this free. School/Work probably comes first for him, so it’s taking a while. I don’t care personally.

Next time you get all self righteous and quotey get your quotes right. It’s “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” and his name is Shigeru Miyamoto. It’s not that hard to spell, and I know who he is the man is one of my heroes.

I wasn’t trying to be an ass about my quote (nor was I trying to be “self-righteous”, just proving a point) I’ll thank you for showing the same respect.

As for his name, etc., good for you. I spend my time memorizing scripts, formulas and codes, not names of video game creators. My point still stands, regardless of the name error and misquote, and I still agree with it.

I’ll be sure to check with you from now on before quoting anyone on video games.

Fuckin right, doggy.

I thought the Duke Nukem game is almost done. a couple of years ago,

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Actually, the name “Duke Nukem Forever” refers to how long it’ll take before they finish making it. The same is true of “Star Ocean: Till The End of Time.”

Note to self: find a NSTC PS2 that will work in the uk.

Note to self: Acciruar SO2

Note to self: " " " " Chrono Cross

Big Nutter
Note to self: Find some more Exelent RPGs never realsed in the UK

I’m willing to bet Duke Nukem’ Forever will come out before OoT2D does.

I’m willing to bet Duke Nukem Forever 2 comes out before Duke Nukem Forever. And why are we talking about this? I thought everyone forgot about Duke Nukem Forever and those who still remember don’t care enough anymore to crack tired jokes about it.

Because the Humor demands it!