Hmm... Google and DMCA...

The world’s best search engine has been stifled?

The just don’t want to be sued, I don’t think there is very much wrong with that. Its about business, they just don’t want any unexpected “expences” in the future. I mean, if you can’t find Kaza on the internet, then it’s amazing you turned on your computer without calling tech suport.

I’m shocked! I don’t know what to say, and I’ve always had to use Google.

Google has always had you pay to be on their search engine, the more you pay, the higher your ranking. I don’t know why they filtered it out.

They normally filter out multiple repeats on searches to help minimize your searching, but I haven’t seen it this bad.

If they did make it on, they would crash, and get sued for almost everything they’ve got!!!

The best thing about this is that if you click on the the DMCA restrictions link when searching for banned things, google lists the banned sites there. It’s little more than a copy-paste-and-here-we-go to get to the DMCA restricted stuff.

actually, you dont have to pay them to be on the search engine. If you pay them, you get to be on the top of the page, but it’s blantantly highlighted, and indicates you as a Advertisement.

Google insists that you pay. And how does it treat a result as an ad?

Originally posted by JFGemini107
Google insists that you pay. And how does it treat a result as an ad?

If you search on Google for… say… Dance Dance Revolution, then you get two links on the top, highlighted in some random color, that says “Sponsered link” on the right. these are ads that they payed for.

They don’t want to be sued.

Not very useful though, since three Kazaa Lite download pages showed up despite of it.