Hm, this kinda blows

My cousing, who I may note is a communist, is shipping out with the Marines tomorrow for boot camp. I’m an only child and live about five minutes from his house, so we’ve pretty much been like brothers since I can remember, so it’s already kinda shitty for him to be gone (indeed, now who will be Max my posse of Road Warrior trick-or-treaters far, far too old to still be trick-or-treating?), but especially since I don’t really agree with (well, actually, it’s more “don’t understand”) his decision, it makes it even worse.

Don’t worry, you’re cousin is retarded so you’re better off without. Your cousin is not right in the head. Joining the Marines? Fucking dumbass. All jarheards are idiots. Yeah fucking said. They ain’t right in the head. So yeah, be happy to have the split happen early rather than later.

I’m sorry, after this deployment, I have no faith in the Marine Corps.

I always figured people join the military for: 1) the prestige; or 2) to get their lives in order, or a combination of the two.

I think it’s honestly that he doesn’t want to end up in a dead-end, burger-flipping type job, but he’s learned to hate school so much,thanks to the wondrs of American public education, that continuing an education is an unbearable thought, so this is way out he saw. The military, and the marines seemed to be the best branch to him, I guess.

My big bro joined the marines, and already left.He was a firefighter and a medic in his civilian carrer so hes probably gonna be where the action is.

@Infronick: Could I get a bit of info on why you claim the marines are what you said please? :expressionless:

@Arac: Well, it was his descision. He is in control of his life and that’s what he thought was best for him. Of course, you might not agree with it, but all you can do now is support him.

Man, your cousin was born twenty years too late and in the wrong country. We desperately needed a few good men, the proud ones and true believers into марксизм-ленинизм while trying to support our brothers in the Opiumstan. Fucking Rambo! He kicked our red commie butts real good.
Mind you, your Mad Max sidekick might still end up in the poppyland fighting the same pricks as my relatives did a generation ago.

Because I just got back from a deployment. Yes, everyone, I’m back in the states! Hell yeah!

I meant; what was wrong with them?

my brother was in the marines, and got hurt in basic training. I don’t agree with communist doctrine, so you’ll never see me in that party