HL2E2: A Garden Gnome's Excellent Adventures

I’m tempted to try it myself, now.

I’m terribly amused by this, and the Gnomish Blog at the bottom. :victoly:

Zero, you’re Da Man.

Damn! That Traveloicity Gnome is everywhere. Soon he’ll start appearing on the Moon too. This must be the work of the French. Mailin’ their fathers lawn gnomes all over the place.

Lamar is so cute. I really hope she didn’t die in the explosion.

Is it a doctor-specific thing to have some manner of fetish for parasitic abominations?

Eccentric doctors. Lamar is just awesome. She. Is. So. CUTE!!! Oh god.

On a related note, I actually knew a PhD who had Madagasar hissing cockroaches as pets. They really hiss.

Yeah … this is one of those “You have to do WHAT!?” achievements which I’m genuinely torn about trying.