So I’m new to this site I guess. I’ve been roleplaying for three years. I started with Harry Potter rps and now I’ll roleplay almost anything. I am really into teen drama shows like the O.C. and degrassi. I am a HUGE book reader,some of my favourites include Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter,the twilight series,the inheritance trilogy and the serpents egg trilogy. I like anime although I’m not into it quite as much these days.

Welcome, Katie. Check out our RP board (and any other one you like) and feel free to join in at any time. Oh, and a piece of advice: folks here tend to be highly sarcastic. Don’t take anything said here too seriously.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warning. I usually don’t take things to seriously. :biggrin:


Hello and Welcome to RPGClassics!

Always glad to meet another “HUGE book reader” (R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind, Jim Butcher for myself).

Enjoy your stay!



Welcome, I am relatively calm right now as I just handed off one of my sniper kittens. One thing to tell you…ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!

Now, back to screwing with everything. goes to try and nuke something random

I have over thirty bottles of urine in my refridgerator.

Please never use this phrase again.

There are worse phrases to use around here. Anyway, welcome.

And that is precisely the reason that phrase is off limits to all passengers.

Er… blinks

I take it it’s better not to use quite-probably-overused phrases?

Hallo! And… the Serpent’s Egg trilogy? I assume it’s related to dragons. Is it any good?

A few years back, there was a caption contest. I think there were about… 200 entries? And the staff had to read through every. single. one.

Dude, we’re on a boat.

Sorry about using that quote, didn’t know it was taboo on this board. >_<

Well, now I know that there are phrases that will anger people, which is not good.

It’s more along the lines of, “Oh please, not that quote again.” It would help if more than 3% of the people that used it actually knew what it came from.

Anyone else notice how she never came back? It seems that everyone that makes a introduction thread on any forum never come back lol.

Or she’s posting in the RP forum (doesn’t add to post count) and finds our commentary for this thread irrelavent and thus decided not to reply to it.

(witty innuendo.) :kissy: