Hiya All

Hey All How R Yaz?

You like Charmed don’t you?

Please don’t post like that. Please!
Apart from that, don’t necropost or the zombie threads eat your brains.

Welcome to the boards. ^^

13 years old? This place might be too dangerous for you.



Not really. I was thirteen a few monthes ago and Makko’s thirteen. Hi.

And I’m 11, I fare pretty well.

Welcome abourd!

Super Saiyan Ahnold welcomes you.

Depends on who you ask.

Hiya. Just pretend this is a witty and funny welcome comment.

We need a forum dedicated to welcome threads, so that those who don’t want to see them, won’t.

Shut up and say something amusing already.

What?! I’m 14, and it hasn’t affected me at all. In those 14 years Yuffee has become the best Ninja in Wutai. For those who Don’t play Final Fantasy 7 or Kingdom Hearts, I am the great Yuffee. I would use the Title of Mistical Ninja but some one else has it.
Exsuse me, I’m off since I’m Borrowing Leon’s Gun Blade to get the Bahamut Matenia.

Yuffee!! Hi I’m Big Nutter and this Post is the 42nd Return of “Is that a Sprite theater(?)”. I Am a bit mad but this is the norm For newbie theads. I reguallay have game charcters some from other sorces appearing in my posts. Yuffee there, came out a a little bit to early.

Oh Hello! I take it that Miss Yuffee came down here. I’m Sold out of Flowers. For 1 gil a head they went so fast. I seen Cid Bringing a Young woman With a Blue coat here. He said her name was Windows 2000.

CID!!! This is not F***ing Funny! I’ve been in nearly all of his Welcome theads. Usally Madness. Madness that I F***ing hate. Nutter why have you upgraded me to 2x. “Since 2k has been on her best behavoer we’ll bring her up to current standard” B*** S***!

Missy, Cool it, or a may get you to pay my fines to Disney about my Lanuage. Your worse than a group of sailors, and I should know, I’m ex-sailor myself. So come to us for all your [STRIKE]Airship[/STRIKE] RPG Needs.

Big Nutter
So Hi and enjoy your stay.

Hello ^^

eh, you might not wanna use 'net short-hand too often here (ie. saying ‘u’ instead of ‘you’) as that is generally frowned upon.

Anyways, welcome to the forum :wave:

Cannon Spike Cammy welcomes you!

Jesus… its been a long time since I used a cammy gif to welcome some one… maybe its getting old…

Yeah, and the 13 thing? No big deal, Kiro is 11 and she had some 19 year old hitting on her… I still laugh about that…

Anywho, take Trillian’s advice, shes a good female role model on the boards. ^^

Yep,I’m thirteen and this place is no dangerous. Anyway…Welcome to the RPGC!

BN your Aeris sprite looks fat.

Very good! And yourself?!