Hitman issue...

I’m at the final mission in Hong Kong (where you have to assassinate Lee Hong). I did the following things in order to fulfill my objectives:

  1. I killed the VIP Guard in front of the storage room door, dragged his body inside the store room, and took his clothes and gun.

  2. I used my disguise to get into the VIP area, where I hid in the conference room and waited for the Red Dragon Member to come in. I slit his throat, hid the body, and took his clothes and gun.

  3. I entered the basement, killed the guard that passes in front of the spot with the Sniper Rifle, then killed the guard in front of the prison cell through use of my Silenced Barreta. I dragged his body inside and freed the prisoner, getting the location of the safe with the Jade Dragon. (One objective complete.)

  4. I went to the bartender and got the flyer. I then used it to enter the Brothel, where I helped the one girl escape. She then gave me the safe combination. (Two objectives complete.)

  5. I returned to the Brothel and found the safe. I killed one guard with my Silenced Barreta, dragged his body into a dark corner, and opened the safe. I got the Jade Dragon and hid it in my clothes. (Three objectives complete.)

  6. I gave the Jade Figure to the medicine guy, who gave me the poison and told me about a secret passage into Lee Hong’s fortress. (Four objectives down.)

  7. I killed one of the waiters in the bathroom, hid his body in a stall, and took his clothes. I then went to the kitchen, got the soup, and put the poison in when the chef wasn’t looking.

  8. I went to Lee Hong and Tzun. Tzun got poisoned from soup, Lee ran, I followed, blah, blah, blah, Tzun got shot about eighteen times in the head. I then holstered my weapon and got the living hell out of there.

  9. I took back my Red Dragon clothes and snuck back into the sewers. I used the hidden elevator to reach the first floor of Lee’s fortress.

  10. I hid in Lee’s office and attempted to kill him, but I wasn’t close enough to slit his throat, so everything went straight to hell. Eventually, though, he died, along with about ninety-percent of the Red Dragon Triad. (Five objectives complete.)

  11. I escaped to the docks, killed a guard, and went to get on my getaway boat.

However, the game didn’t let me on. It displayed the mission status screen, but acted like I hadn’t done something. What the hell went wrong?