Hitman: Blood Money is the greatest game in the universe.

By now I’m sure we’ve all had a chance to play this awesome, awesome game. All the sneaking about, garroting people in their chairs, making chandeliers fall on them has all been discussed.


Find the HitmanBloodMoney.ini file and add ‘EnableCheats’ without the quotation marks to it, then go into the game and press ‘C’ to access the cheat menu, and the game takes on a whole new level of hilarity!

GASP as you shoot people in the brain and other people run around like beheaded chickens wandering around wondering who did it because you are invisible.

THRILL as dozens of innocents scream at you in terror as you walk slowly forward plugging all you see and the police shoot you in futility for you are inpervious to bullets.

WATCH in TERROR as you lay a million mines and blow up everything in sight with an infinite amount of mines!

LAUGH MANICALLY as you gun down the bride and groom at that hick wedding and then drown all the guests with impuin-

Anyway yeah it’s pretty fun. You guys should try it. So far the funniest thing I’ve found is getting everyone into the jaccuzi in that playboy level and shooting the bottom out and watching everyone fall to their deaths in a rain of corpses. Glee.

I kicked this game’s ass.
The ending is quite possibly the most badass one ever.

Oh Lord is that true.

hah, best pitch for cheats I’ve ever seen. It still falls a little short of “Go battle the necromancer, in the icy land of the dead, clad in your underwear” but that’s the rpg charm. I did this yesterday in Nox - The Diablo Killer (do I laugh now, or later?)

Hitman? Job of the future