Hitman 2: The Heart Killer

If any of you remember what I said about Hitman, where I nearly had a heart attack every time I played, I mentioned getting Hitman 2. Well, I did, and despite the heart thing again, it’s better than the first one.

The missions are cooler, the guards are smarter, and the ranking system is pretty awesome (even though my hits invariably go bad and I always get “mass murderer”…except for when I lucked out once and got “silent assassin”). Also, since you can save in-mission, it doesn’t become as frustrating as the first one did (where you had to start over if you screwed up once).

However, the Threat Meter is pretty useless. Most of the time it goes off, it’s too late to avoid detection. That, and even when it goes back down to zero, guards have already gone on the lookout for a “suspicious-looking (insert current disguise here)”, so if one sees you, everything starts back up again.

Also, I hate Japan now. With a passion. The Japan missions in this game were major annoyances. The guards were psychic (they saw through every disguise, even if you were seventy miles away during a blizzard), people were ran over constantly, and that damn Geisha gave me fits, since if I killed her, hundreds of ninjas would run up and tear me apart.

And as for the heart problems…they show up occasionally. It isn’t as bad as what happened during Hitman 1, but it can still be bad. I thank the save feature for that.

Well, there’s my two cents. Now give them back!

Yea, I’ve heard that this game was really good. I played a little bit of it at a friend of mines house on his PS2.

i heard that game was good i was goin to buy it but i decided not to there are better games out there