Hitman 2 question...

Like everything I ask for before, this will probably be ignored, but meh. I want to ask it anyway.

I’m trying to get Silent Assassin on all missions in Hitman 2. I’m doing good so far, but I keep screwing up BIG time on one mission: the first one. is laughed at by everyone that’s played H2

I try going in as a guard, and the other guards instantly see through my disguise and fill me with lead. So I try to go in as the postman. After having to restart because I forgot to hide my guns, I got in. Since I got gunned down whenever I tried to go anywhere else, I killed a guard and took his clothes. Guess what? Instant gundown the instant I pass a guard. I haven’t tried the delivery boy yet, but I can’t get in a good position to kill him without alerting the guards.

Is there any way to use the guard disguise and NOT get caught immediately?

:hahaha; :hahaha; ok first you need anseptic or somthing like that. Just remember the object is to kill the don.so you go to the
front door thats right down the hill,wait till the gaurd comes out
then hit L1 .sneak up behind and a silent weapon.steal his clothes and WALK in.that seams to be all you need for now.