Hitchhiker's Guide movie trailer...


Personaly, I think this could go either way. I’m not a purist. Not even a huge fan. I read the first three books and liked 'em.

This might just be good.


I’m gonna pre-empt any “OMGWTFBBQ, THAT WASN’T IN THE BOOK” and say that Douglas Adams himself worked on the screenplay. The books, the radio show, and the tv miniseries all had variations, so the movie is no exception.

Can’t wait to see it. ^^

The books themselves contradict the other books. And themselves. And everything around them. Adams said that on countless occasions.

Looks like fun.

Looks like a cool movie.


I always thought Adams style would be hard to translate into a movie, but this actually looks pretty good.

I’ve never read the guide. But that looks so fucking cool :D. It looks to be in the same style as the MiBs, which I love.

Well, good or bad I’m seeing it regardless.

Y’know what? It looketh pretty awesome.

That looks cool.

Looks sweet, but never read the books. Don’t know, might see it.

I’ve read All the Trilogy and I’ve Listen to all 3 Radio series and Seen the TV. Yeah, There are Differneces between them. I Say It could go Either Way.

The Radio Series 1 and 2 does follow. But 2 to 3 doesn’t and they Admit it doesn’t. The Books Kind of follow. There is a Gap between the rest.

Big N
Isn’t that MiB Music near the End of the trailer?

I noticed that the clock at the beginning said 7:42, by the way … :smiley:

The Stars on background of the page have also a partucalar patern. Also why was the bowl of patuinas thinking “Oh no, Here I Go again!!”

Read the whole series. They are definately up there on the list.

There’s actually a second, cooler trailer out, can someone track it down? The site I originally got it from is out.

It doesn’t get explained until the third book I believe.

It’s this guy who keeps reincarnating, and in EVERY SINGLE ONE of his lives, his death is somehow connected with Arthur. He tries to get revenge, but is foiled by the fact that one of these deaths hasn’t happened YET.

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