hit the person in front of you

i saw this in another forum a while back and thought it might be fun.

the game goes like this

the next person to post hits me with what ever he wants.

the next person hits that person and so on.

its great for releiving stress and anger. :moogle:

What the hell?

what was it that hard to understand?

hits admiral wikth a can of spam :spam:

It’s not that it’s just so…pointless. Anyone can stop me if I’m wrong.

slaps cait across the face with a dildo don’t be dumb >>;

Hits <strike>on</strike> Hades.

[STRIKE]pummels hades with a giant mallet.

stop being so mean.

and you were supposed to hit admiral [/STRIKE]

hits gilgamish with an even bigger mallet.:moogle:

slaps cait again You’re telling me not to be mean in a game you created to hurt each other?

shenku hadokens hades

fine be mean but at least hit people in the right order.

admiral posted you were supposed to hit him. understood. :moogle:

Commits seppuku

This thread is now about dolphins. Dolphins are mammals. Dolphins get trapped in nets and shredded into my cans of tuna. Dolphins NEVER have to breathe.

[STRIKE]agh your supposed to hit me not commit suicide!

nock admiral out with an old sausage before he can commit sepuku[/STRIKE].

hits hades with a dolphin :moogle:


rams a plane into admiral. :moogle:

I think we should start a war on Cait.

Uses Shun Goku Satsu on Cait Sith.

If you drew that yourself, I’m impressed.

No I just found it on Google. I can’t draw that good. :bowser:

uses burning gundams sekyhatenkyoten on hades and deathstryke

[STRIKE]aww admiral did you draw that yourself? [/STRIKE] :moogle: