History soundtrack

For my Humanities project, I have to create a CD with songs relating to the units we’ve studied (thematically, not a direct reference). I need at least 5 songs, and it’s best that I don’t repeat the units more than once. I have everything from early civilization to the Renaissance to work with. That is:
Early Civ
Middle Ages

This is what I have (HUGE thanks to Kagon for all his help and to Flint for BR having one of the songs I needed :P):

Pink Floyd - <i>Eclipse </i>
Radiohead - <i>Fake Plastic Trees </i>
Bad Religion - <i>Victory</i>
Evanescence - <i>Bring Me to Life </i>
Guns N’ Roses - <i>Salt of the Earth</i>
System of a Down - <i>War?</i>
Dream Theater - <i>The Glass Prison</i>

What do you think? Add, subtract, change? I think it’s a pretty solid CD, but it’d be nice to have more units.

And Forest, if you steal my songs, I’ll kill you :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can repeat bands, try Bad Religion - God Song. It covers monotheism and philosophy a bit. There are a ton of BR songs, i can probly find you a better one than that if you’re in no hurry.

Early Civ

Search for tribal chant music, I have a song or two that might be of use.


Anything from the Gladiator soundtrack. There is a song called The Glory of Rome even. It’s good.


There’s an absolutely beautiful rendition of Ave Maria I have in German by either Schubert or Beethoven, I can hook you up.

Middle Ages

There’s a lot of Gregorian Chant music that might work for this, try to find the songs though that aren’t covers of regular songs, but of the prayers and rituals (like Sancti and all that). I have some of this too.


I have this great song that sounds like Renaissance music I think it’s by Giovanni Gabrielli (Canzona), but again, I can send it to you.

I should have been more specific when I posted.

The songs have to be in English, and it’s the lyrics that have to have some relation, not the musical style (like Gregorian chant, arias, etc.). The Gladiator song will work well. I’ve been looking for something like that. So will the BR song if it doesn’t have too much profanity

It’s due tomorrow, so I need the new songs by today. There’s no pressure, though. If you can’t get them, I can stick with the ones I have.

For Middle Ages, try “Kings and Queens [And Guillotines]” by Aerosmith, if you can find it. It’s rather old, one of their 70’s releases. There’s a couple lines about Bishops having all the power.

“Holy Wars [The Punishment Due]” by Megadeth or maybe “Powerslave” by Iron Maiden could tie into Monotheism and/or Islam (cover the crusades, hit 'em both in one fell swoop)