Hippo eats dwarf

Talk about bad luck. o_O

In <strike>Soviet Russia</strike> Thailand, you no eat Hippo; Hippo eat you!

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You know, if the hippo just swallowed him right away, they probably could have saved him by cutting it open. Of course, perhaps the hippo brought in more money than the dwarf, in which case it was a decision made from a business standpoint.

/me Spews water all over the monitor in classic spit take fashion, and proceeds to laugh loudly and violently.

Excuse me, gotta go change my sig.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or not. O_o;

Wait until it shits him out…

So much for autoposy.

Shit! :thud: More like “someone forgot to shoot the hippo before the thing chowed down on the wee guy” :noway:

Zero, is that a real magic card? I think this is more evidence that Wizards are losing their minds… like the Elvish Impersonators…

It’s real.

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Somebody obviously failed to eat the hippo.

Eat the hippo! Eat the freakin’ hippo!

I personally like the Blacker Lotus.


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… At least it wasn’t about badgers and/or mushrooms.

The card’s from Unglued which is a joke set. My personal favorite is The Cheese Stands Alone.

Heh… Midget’s eaten. Wonder if the hippo ate after that.

Couldn’t have been a real dwarf, it’s obvious who would have won if it was.