Hilarious interview

Did Saddam have BLTs?

This show seems hilarious, I wish it passed in Canada.

Ali G is in Da house

The Buzz Aldrin and Ralf Nader interviews are very good as well


It used to be on in Canada, on Showcase, but after checking the website, it apparently isn’t on anymore.

“Is it because I is Black?” Best thing from Staines!! 2k try to nipple twist Nutter “Oii! Off me nips!!”

Big Nutter
“Batty Boi!!”

Well it was good. Good, not great…

It won’t load for me. But on another note, I read in the paper today that the US has completed their search for WMDs, with no results.

Yeah, so many people found Ali G funny over here and I’m guessing people in America are starting to find him funny as well.

Personally I couldn’t fucking stand him.