<(^.^)> Hiiiii!

As if it wasn’t evident already, let’s talk about everyone’s favorate sentient marshmallow, Kirby!

I’ve been on something of a Kirby kick as of late. I downloaded ROMs of most of his older games, including the less popular ones, like Block Ball and Star Stacker. (Both of which are suprisingly fun.)

I recently replayed Kirby’s Adventure, which I happen to actually own. I remember playing that game long ago, and how happy I was to finally get the top rank…I was a “Final Star”. :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, I also own a copy of what I think is the best Kirby game ever, Super Star. Now that was a good game. Has anyone here ever beaten The Arena? I did…once. Yoyo power = teh r0xx0r.

I also might buy a friend’s copy of Kirby 64, which was also a good one. I quite like the “power combo” system they used. What we need is a new oldskool Kirby game. (And Nightmare in Dream Land doesn’t count, that one’s a remake of Adventure. Though a pretty well made one, I must admit.)

So come forth and share your thoughts and memories of the Kirby.

For the past… 5 or so years, Kirby Super Star has been the number 1 game on my “look for” list, and I STILL haven’t been able to find it… (I could always buy it on Ebay of course, but it’s so much funner (and cheaper) to find games and buy them at pawn shops and stuff). I’m totally willing to trade a copy of SMRPG or Super Metroid (or Crystalis, or Paper Mario, or some other stuff) to anybody willing…hint, hint

Also, Kirby’s Dream Land 3 is really, really cool. The awesome graphics alone are reason enough to love the game (oddly enough, when it comes to the SNES, I’m a total graphics whore).

Have you played Kirby & the Amazing Mirror yet?

I hate the Kirby games. I just like the Kirby dance. I’ve never found them fun or enjoyable - just really boring.

I had no clue it was out. It looks interesting, but I only know one other person who both has a GBA and is willing to get the game.

How much does it offer in terms of single-player play?

Oh don’t worry, it’s still good in single player. I bought it when it came out cause im such a kirby fan.

But yeah, I love kirby games, the only ones I don’t have are the 64 and Airride.

I’ve only really played Superstars. I need to try the others. He sucks, in teh good way. Not THAT good way.

I love Kirby! He’s such a cute li’l pink balloon-like creature!

… yeah…

Anywho, I remember playing a few old SNES Kirby games, and those were fun, but I haven’t played 'em (or even seen 'em) in years.
The most recent game I’ve played is Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. Very fun, but also very short.

I hope I can get The Amazing Mirror soon. It looks like it’ll be pretty fun.

I love kirby games. Kirby is really cute. ^^