Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai

Anyone alse watching it? I know that the whole story is already resolved and mostly everyone has already reead some summary somewhere, but I managed to stay relatively spoiler-free for this long (Except for knowing who Hanyuu is >_>)

As for the first chapter… damn.

Ezboarder has been bugging me to watch it forever. So I guess I’ll have to do that shortly.

I’m downloading fansubs, but I’m not going to watch it until I can find and finish the first series. I was up to episode 12 before I couldn’t get ahold of new episodes (this was before we had internet better than dial-up). And my friend apparently got rid of the fansubs he had of it, plus it’s lisenced now, so it’s going to be a pain.

Can you not use torrents for any reason?

I hope it has a better ending than LOL TIME PARADOX

Haven’t started watching this one just yet. I’m holding off watching it for now.

Although I am curious to actually see what is truly going on behind all the “strange occurances” in this small town.

Yeah, I watching it too. And I’m also pretty spoiler free besides the Hanyuu thing.

I’m watching it to, but I happen to think it’s multiple parallel universes. Even if the difference isn’t all that huge.

Thanks for all the spoiler tags. Can someone provide an overview of the premise for me? Maybe I’d be interested in taking a look.

The setting is a seemingly happy and peaceful tiny-ass rural village in the 80s. The characters are some kids, both native and from other sities. Suddenly, weird ass terror psychotic shit starts popping up everywhere. Not exactly something you’ll want to watch at night, so to speak.

That’s pretty much the best way to describe it without spoiling. It’s based on a visual novel (That, for once, is not an H game) and I’ve been told that Studio Deen handled the transition into anime somewhat poorly, as you need to pay a LOT of atention and some stuff is presented in confusing ways (For example in Tsumihoroboshi, Rena in makes it sound as if Keiichi was a serial killer, when in fact’s it’s much sillier than that). It’s still fairly entertaning, though a lot of people seem to get bored by it once the OMGWTF starts to wear off.

Watch at least the first four chapters.

I can, but I’m too lazy to look for them.

Go here, they have the full series available:


Unfortunately, I have not managed to remain spoiler-free, so I know how the whole thing ends. I am however, curious to see how Studio Deen handles this second season.

Despite that, I <3 this series a lot. It’s not so gory as to be unwatchable, but there are some parts that made me squirm. I just find the storytelling really gripping, and how there are different ways to examine the scenarios that are presented. I have the entire first season on my hard drive, if anyone wants/needs it.