Highly Experimental

I’m trying to extract it into my winamp plugins folder but it’s not working…as soon as I go to do so a “diagnostics message” comes up and says access is denied. What is the problem?

Most likely, there are multiple users on your machine, you’re not logged in as the user with the highest authority and winamp was installed under a different user.

But nobody uses this but me…

You’re the only acc? Try this, its the most basic solution. If it is an access issue, right click on the plugins folder, go to “Customize” and click “Shared Documents” in the “Local Sharing and Security” box.

It should pop up a new window. Drag and drop the folder from the winamp folder (C:\Program Files\Winamp\plugins) into here. It wont actually MOVE the folder, it’ll just change it’s settings.

Run the extractor and try again. Point the the winamp plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins), not the shared folder.

Also, what application are you using for extraction? Is the actual extractor generating the error, or are you running some sort of installer for HE that is printing the error? Because, if its the latter, its a whole different issue. But try what i outlined above first. Sorry i’m not more familiar with HE.

It’s the extractor causing the problem. I’ve tried to extract HE into the plugins folder many times, and the files are in there, but I still can’t play PSF files on my winamp. Maybe I’m missing a step?

So since it doesn’t work I’ve tried to extract again to maybe correct the file, but that’s when I get the error. But the actual file is in my plugins folder, but…like I can’t play those video game files.

Oh…that wasn’t the problem at all…I don’t think that HE had anything to do with certain files not being able to play. The HE is in there, and I guess it works (it just wont let me overwrite it, my first original problem). I noticed now, that the files that wont play are tracks from super nintendo games…do I need another plugin to play these files? I got them all from zophar…they just wont play.

If this is still an issue:

Yea, HE only plays the PSF and miniPSF formats, for PS/PS2 games. You’ll need a new plugin. <a href=“http://www.zophar.net/zsnes/spca601.zip”>plugin</a> for spc and zs? SNES sound files, file format doesn’t really matter, i’d assume all SNES songs are the same format.

Sorry, i was away.