I am new, but you came to that conclusion by yourselves. For further information take a look at my profile.

I see that the role playing part of the forum is… under the weather. Is it going to become more… vivid anytime soon?

No. Probably not. Also, shorten your sig.

Hey Mortis weclome to insanity central. LOL if you can survive the insanity here, the hard comments, well then you’ll be fine!

Welcome! Welcome! Enjoy you’re stay, but beware the crazys - they bite.

No. The RP forum is dead- forever- never coming back. Accept this fact and move onto something that won’t give you cancer… say oatmeal. Oatmeal is great. Let’s open up an Oatmeal forum so we may discuss it in all its texturous glory. The Oatmeal forum will be far more productive than the cesspool that was the RP forum.

TD I hear-by petition you for an Oatmeal forum. It will take the place of the RP forum and it will become the most wondrous creation of mankind!

Also welcome, I guess; but considering what you came here looking for…


Then I guess there are no productive members here to keep an RP forum going. No imagination at all…


That’d be an accurate assumption, yes.

On the other hand, we do write some great fanfics using our members’ characters. In fact, I’m just starting one. Check out the Media Board for more details. :slight_smile:

Oh, we have plenty of imagination. It’s jsut either a. We have CRAPPY imagination that isn’t interesting, or b. We have awesome imagination and set up what would be great RP, but we (that is, the people making these) lose interest and/or get distracted by shiny objects/have a life to deal with, as silly as that sounds. It didn;t help that for a long while, the average age of “newcomers” to the RP Forum were 11-15 years old. And usually acted stupid. As opposed to the old guard, who jsut became jaded and stopped playing at all.

But don’t question our imagination, we have plenty of that. We just prefer using it to other means.


Also RPing is horrible and we don’t condone it. >:(

Yeah, it’s definitly not a lack of imagination.

Right, because it would be silly people for people who play ROLE-PLAYING GAMES to RP.