Kiro is cool. And my god i didn’t think it was true, but someone really did say they missed yar’s theatres D:

I am Arac. Due to the ‘Trinity’ incedent, I feel the need to point out that I say things bluntly, and go into insane killer mode on musical arguments, especially ones concerning punk music.

I miss Yar’s theaters. I’m a fan of simple minded humour, not-simple minded humour, seriousness and of course, “RUN COWARD” is just classic.
I have but one question for you. Have you visited this site more than once before coming to the Agora?

Hahahah great stuff hahahahaha jokes HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Is this for me, or fallen?
If me, yes.

Hmm…I realized I have to edit that slightly, but whatever. It was aimed at fallen, but it’s nice to know, Arac.

hey, welcome.

(to the discipline-gripers: oppression can be fun! if you’re doing the oppressing!)


Hello and welcome blah blah eats FallenAngel’s soul

… WELCOME!.. … h…

damn too late in the night Chris-chris


there… take that… assumes your a guy… even if not… too tired to care :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I guess they’re okay, if you can understand it somewhat, and if it makes sense in the least.

Hello and welcome to the RPGC! ^^

Well welcome, Angel. Enjoy your stay, for this maybe the last place you ever see… Just kidding!

Word. I am Big Dizzy, or Dizzy for short. I am a crazy bastard who hitchhiked to NYC about 6 months ago. I also usually have controversial avvies/sigs. And I am not an Xtian.