hi there i'm new here

Dammit now I think everyone’s talking to me. Must change name. From now on, my name is…well I’ll think on that.

I forgot to include my little list thingy.

FF1,2,3-never played

4-Played through, didn’t beat
5-Played through, didn’t beat
7-played through, beaten
8-played through, beaten
9-played through, beaten
Tactics-played through, beaten

10,11-never played

bows to Omega

Joke’s on you. The lightning was in the BACKGROUND. :stuck_out_tongue:

my mistake on the lighting! bawahhhahahahhahah i laugh my baku laugh

I’ve completed them all myself, but it’s been a while since I’ve played one (I’m in the same boat as Hiryuu, playing through obscure games).

Welcome to the boards. I’m Dalton Of Zeal, and I’m busy. 8P

:wave: helloz

:runaway: steals Ashley’s shoes

As for FF:


All of them WITHOUT codes and reaching Level 99.

Hello my name is Tim, enjoy your stay here!

And for the games that ive played:
FF5-lost care for that :boring:
FF6-floating continent

i hope to be getting FFX-2 for x-mas

Oh yeah, my name’s Ken, I’m 18 and I enjoy long walks on the beach.:cool:

Hiyo my track record

As for FF:

2-Not Played
3-Not Played
4-Not Played
X-Not Played
X2-Not played
TA-Beaten (All 300 frickin’ missions)

Hi. My name is Mike. I live in a van. Down by the river. I’m a motivational speaker.

Hey Ash, my name is Nathan, though most people call me Nate, due to my old nickname, and chat name, Nate556. I’m from Indiana.

So far my tally looks…

FF Origins, beat both games.
FF4- beat on easytype
FF5- havnt beat, but got halfway through
FF6- havnt beat but got all the way to the end
FF7- beat
FF8- beat
FF9- beat
FFX- beat
FFT- havnt beat, but got to act 4

Just cast Aura on Squall and have him limit break, Aside from FF10, FF8 has the easiest final boss(es).

Ah, starting your welcome thread with a picture? A clever move. :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll go far.

Hi Ashely! I have too beaten every final fantasy game… my name tells who i am and what i am… hehehehe! WASSSUP!! <WELCOME TO THE BOARD>
OMGosh Girls playing FF is such a big turn on!!! WHOA!!! :yipee:
I feel soo embarrassed :hahaha; :ah-ha!:

Bonjour mon capitan.

But, wouldn’t this be more suitable for the General Board?


lol this is for the guy that says i’ll go far starting my thread with a pick and the guy that said girls playing FF is a turn on…you guys coming on to me? lol not that i’m complaining! lol :kissy:

Every new girl seems to fall for that…

you just have to spoil it don’t you? lol

Originally posted by squalls_girl_48
lol this is for the guy that says i’ll go far starting my thread with a pick and the guy that said girls playing FF is a turn on…you guys coming on to me? lol not that i’m complaining! lol :kissy:

Sorry but no, it was more of a comment on the boards as a whole and how they react to girl members.

cant i just live in my delusion? lol i know that’s spelled wrong. besides it was more of a joke than serious anyway.

Yeah, gamer chicks are rare, most girls i know are like “Final Fantasy ? What’s that, a porno ?” or “Ohh, my brother plays that” and BAM, as soon as they compare you to their brother your chances go down considerably.

Anyways, what are some of your other hobbies ? what other kind of games do you play ? Do you read books ? Play card games(like Magic, or yu gi oh)? What kinds of music do you useually grove to ? does it influence your mood ? Am i asking too many questions ?

Welcome to RPGc

FF1: Beaten
FF2: Didn’t beat, hated it
FF3: Haven’t beaten it yet; lost my interest
FF4: Beaten both easy and hardtypes
FF5: Beaten
FF6: Mastered
FF7: Beat
FF8: Beat
FF9: Beat
FF10: Beat
FF10-2: Havent played, yet
FF11: Haven’t played, probably wont
FFTactics: Played, didn’t beat it
FFTactics Advance: Played, didn’t beat it.