hi, i'm new

…well, to the forums at least. I’ve been surfing FF compendium for some time already and decided to join the rpg classics forum. Be nice to the nOOb.

Make fun of Setz so no one hates you.

Well, you didn’t join just to plug your website, so you’re already ahead of the game.

And you didn’t complain about other forums and ask us to help flame them.

Welcome, and as said before:


Don’t touch the soap and have a cookie, there free. ^^

People say this message board is really insane, but it really just is a bunch of people talking about this one guy’s hair and some occasional newslinks.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Hello’ and steals the Lenin Mummy.

A tradition that must never die… Welcome, and Happy Halloween Cammy for you!

Methinks you’ll get along with Nagumo(Warsaw). Anyway, greetings. take nothing too seriously and generally just try and have fun and you’ll probably find this place enjoyable. Here, have a moogle and a waddle-dee

Pleased to meet you, Barose. I just joined a week ago.

Hi, have fun while you’re here. ^^

har har har.

Where is the nazi picture? Slackers.

And Welcome.

Hi I’m Big Nutter aka He-who-pissed-off-our-Swedish-librarian-and-is-currently-hinding-from-her!

Hi, You may refere to me as 2k (Pron: two-kay). I have been programmmed to ask you: “What would you like to do today?” I know what I do with the Swedish librarian… But Nutter would delete me if i did it…

Oh and that guy ^ … well… he’s different. don’t mind him :slight_smile:

(no unlovingness meant by that)

READ: He’s the local retarded pervert. >_>

Also, hi-oh n stuff.

We were crazy once, but we’re fine now!

Welcome to RPGClassics. Keep your arms and legs inside the accepted norms at all times. Read the post histories of KaiserBasara and others (the list varies depending on who you ask, but I’d include NightmareGun and Dragonquester) to find out what you really shouldn’t do. Do not feed the mods. Females are to be treated with the utmost slavering obedience at all times. Do not give zeppelin your alcohol, it makes him irritable. Do not agree with Hades on anything, as it causes gas. Sinistral’s hair causes women to orgasm at forty feet, Zero’s hair causes blindness at the same range. Cidolfas, while rarely seen, weilds a +5 Vorpal Syllogism of Validity and should be given a wide berth. ClothHat can answer as many questions about NetHack as is humanly possible without diving the sourcecode. Setz is here three times a week, and the 9:30 show is <i>completely different</i> from the 7:30 show. Drinks and snacks are available at the core, cookies from any available usher.

Thank you for visiting RPGClassics. Enjoy your stay.

<img src=“http://img105.echo.cx/img105/871/welcomerpgc8xw.jpg”>

Hey!! I resent that…

RPGC is all about acting ‘wacky’ and posting hilarious images.