Hi I'm new and my name is Mike

Welcome, Mike! Within a year of being here at RPGC, we’ll have worn away at your soul until all that’s left is a disgruntled, bitter shell of what you once were who’s only means of entertainment is to help in breaking in the next batch of n00bs. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

Hey dude, welcome. :smiley: It’s kind of a happy place here, so please don’t be put off. It really is all genuine.

Hello and welcome. Parade to honor you.

Welcome Mike to the largest looney bin on the net, RPGC is just a cover. Anyway, I require your sanity. Give. Now.

No-one ever told me that you could insult people if you had a high post count!

But then again, I bothered to read the forum rules.

Hi Mike. Welcome.

I can’t wait till I get 1000 posts, then i’ll be popular

Welcome kemosabe

My name is Joe!
I work…
in a button factory!

:toast: A toast to Mike. Drink! Be Merry!

I have a wife, and a dog, and a family
One day, my boss comes up to me and says:
“Hi Joe! Are you busy?”
I said, “NO!!!”"
“Then push a button with your <random body part>”

I’d like to point out the fact that my name is also Mike, and that Eric Nagler is the best musician ever.

People here aren’t insane.
Everyone here is so fucking sane that they’re uptight assholes.

With that, Hi.

Aww steve, that won’t help anything. :frowning:

Drink and be ye merry! Yea, though the fires fall all around ye, drink and be merry, for yours is the way to Paradise.

Or uh, something. :stuck_out_tongue:

…It’s the truth >.>;

Haha, it’s funny becuase it’s true!

Ok thanks and Btw I’m back from my vacation.

When the hell did you go on vacation?

Ahhh… Welcome back Mike!! :enguard:

Yar Getting Sloppy! He Forgot Vash! If that’s the case, I’m Michael Angelo Monsoon Mochá da-Kaze Ian Nutter Lloyd Andrew McBeth Du Bent Sharpe, 42nd. At your Service.

Not Only that He forgot Strong Bad. Check Yar sig out! Anyways I’m Antony Russell, I’m NOT the Reason your here.

If your ever want a Drink of Dr. Pepper Just ask for ME.

Better not ME, Nutter’s using you at the moment. '98, The Name. I’m Usally Running Nutter’s Stuff.

Great, the Madness Is Contaned!! Only 6 people can speak in Nutters post.

Big Nutter
I think Star Storm was refering to me.

Congratulations, BN. You’re ONE STEP AWAY from provoking me into Ignoring you so I’ll never hafta see your posts again. So STFU and never [quote] me again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went vacation from August 2nd to the August 6.

Right. For future reference, people here really don’t care about most vacations, no matter how long they are. Vacations that aren’t even a week long are comperable to shit, the wya most people here think.